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  • Additional Information for Plans Scheduled to be Discontinued

    Here's a list of discontinued plans.  (Hopefully complete).
    The shortcut version:  If it has "Mad" in the name, it's probably safe.  (with Mad Surfing BBQ Brisket still waiting a deicision)
    If it does not have "Mad" in the name, it is likely being discontinued.

    $25 Prepaid 2Ā¢ Plan

    $35 Unlimited - The Rex

    $39 Unlimited Basic

    $45 Unlimited Super

    $49 Unlimited Ultra

    $6.00 - The Afterhours Plan

    2014 Free BYOSD Plan

    60 Days No Call Plan


    Accretion Max

    Ace of Hearts


    Althea Gibson


    Amano (Member+)




    Bardeen (Member+)

    Beach Ball
    Bloch (Member+)
    BLT 2
    BLT 2 - Upgrade
    BLT 2 Upgrade - Member+
    BLT Upgrade
    BLT Upgrade - Member+
    Borg Max
    Bridgman (Member+)
    Bright (Cut in 1/2)
    Bright (Member+)
    Bring It Over
    Bring It Over 2
    Bring It Over 2 (Member+)
    Bronko Nagurski
    Buffet 1
    Buffet 2
    Buffet 3
    Buffet 4
    Buffet 5
    Buffet 6
    BYOSD Harrison - $5.99
    BYOSD International: Lina - $14.99
    BYOSD International: Richard - $12.99
    Chadwick (Member+)
    Chamberlain (Member+)
    Cheery (Member+)
    Club Sandwich
    Club Sandwich - Upgrade
    Club Sandwich (Member+)
    Commitment (Member+)
    Cool Breeze
    Curie - Upgrade
    Cut Lawrence
    Data Safety Net
    Davisson (Member+)
    Don Budge
    Double Bring It Over 2
    [EDIT:  only for reference to the original document: Double Fert - Upgrade is not being discontinued]
    Double Truly Committed (Member+)
    Eddie Arcaro
    Endless Summer
    Evermore (Memorial Day)(Member+ Upgrade)
    Evermore (Memorial Day)(New Activations)
    Evermore (Memorial Day)(Non-Member+ Upgrade)
    FluidCall - VoIP 50
    FluidCall - VoIP 500
    Free BYOSD Plan - 325x70x10
    Free Chicago Cubs
    Free Club 51
    Free Family Dinner
    Free Plan
    Free Surf & Turf
    Free Witch Hazel
    Future - Phase 10
    Future - Phase 11
    Future - Phase 2
    Future - Phase 3
    Future - Phase 4
    Future - Phase 5
    Future - Phase 6
    Future - Phase 7
    Future - Phase 8
    Future - Phase 9
    Giuseppe Farina
    Gladstone - Member+
    Gladstone - Upgrade
    Golden (Member+)
    Goya (Memorial Day)(Free Member+ Upgrade)
    Goya (Memorial Day)(New Activations)
    Goya (Memorial Day)(Non-Member+ Upgrade)
    Hip Hop 1
    Hip Hop 2
    Hot Pastrami Sandwich
    Hot Pastrami Sandwich - Upgrade
    Hot Pastrami Sandwich (Member+)
    Ice Cream
    Immortal 1
    Immortal 2
    Infinity Upgrade
    Kate Plan - $1.99
    King of Hearts
    Kusch (Member+)
    Leonardo 2
    Leonardo 2 (Memorial Day)(New Activations)
    Leonardo 2 (Memorial Day)(Non-Member+ Upgrade)
    Leonardo 3
    Leonardo 4
    Leonardo 5
    Magic Plan
    McDonald (Member+)
    Mel Hein
    Midsummer Night's Dream
    Mirror Mirror Snow
    Momentum (Memorial Day)
    Moon Shadow Surfing  (Discontinued,  but with the option of converting to Mad Moonlight Reuben Upgrade)
    Moon Shadow Surfing - Upgrade   (Discontinued,  but with the option of converting to Mad Moonlight Reuben Upgrade)
    Moon Shadow Surfing Member+ Upgrade  (Discontinued,  but with the option of converting to Mad Moonlight Reuben Upgrade)
    Mother's Day
    My First Phone
    Nakamura 1
    Nakamura 2
    Next Generation
    Noelani International - $17.99
    Poppy (Member+ New Activations)
    Poppy (Member+ Upgrade)
    Presidents Day 2016
    Pure Oak
    Queen of Hearts
    Relaxed 1.0
    Relaxed 3.0
    Relaxed 4.0
    Rising Free
    Safety BLT
    Sailing Free
    Sammy Baugh
    Seashore (Memorial Day)(Member+ Upgrade)
    Seashore (Memorial Day)(New Activations)
    Seashore (Memorial Day)(Non-Member+ Upgrade)
    Secure Shipping
    Shirly Strickland
    Stern (Member+)
    Sunny (Member+)
    Surfing 1.0
    Surfing 1.0 (Member+)
    Surfing 2.0
    Surfing 3.0
    Surfing 4.0 - Data Only
    Surfing 5.40
    Surfing 5.40 - Member+
    Surfing 5.52
    Surfing 5.52 - Member+
    Surfing 5.64
    Surfing 5.64 - Member+
    Surfing 5.76
    Surfing 5.76 - Member+
    Surfing 5.88
    Surfing 5.88 - Member+
    Surfing 6.0
    Surfing Rueben   (Discontinued,  but with the option of converting to Mad Moonlight Reuben Upgrade)
    Surfing Rueben (Member+)  (Discontinued,  but with the option of converting to Mad Moonlight Reuben Upgrade)
    Truly Committed
    Truly Committed (Member+)
    Truly Free
    Truly Free - Upgrade
    Truly Free 2
    Truly Free 3
    Truly Free 4 (30-Day Free Trial Plan)
    Upbeat (Member+)
    Van Gogh
    VIP Bliss
    VIP Club 51 - $12.99
    VIP Delight
    VIP Free Plan
    VIP Harmony
    VIP Joy
    VIP Mint
    VIP Pepper
    VIP Revel
    VIP Surf & Turf - $19.99
    Walter Hagen
    Wineland (Member+)
    Your Plan
    Your Plan 2

    MelodiePRH14ruby-susan-emperor-clothing-zeroolegos99Conic_Ellipse1_to_rememberenergetic-brown-houndstooth-owlnickjuly4VoIPFanRPRingplus_185486and 1 other.
  • Important Info

    What  happens to MY number  that  I have had for thirty years that I  ported in!
    You will have a minimum of 60 days to decide to port your number out.  (30 days on the holding plan, plus 30 additional days that your number will be held for porting, plus however many days until your current plan is scheduled to renew.)

    I think that recently-paid upgrade fees should be refundable also.
    This idea seems to have merit to me-- but I'm not sure what you might consider "recently-paid" from this group of plans?  Commitment is the newest plan, I believe-- just a week or so short of 4 months ago-- and from reading above, it sounds like the upgrade fee was $9?  (Under $3/month, amortized).  The next batch is around 6 months ago.  I"m not sure either of those is really "recent". 

    I'm coming late to this conversation, and still trying to wrap my head around everything.

    First advice, for everyone:  Try not to let panic push you into an immediate decision.  You've got until the end of your renewal cycle to see what options might exist, and what new information becomes available in the next few days.  Granted, this is more problematic for those who are hitting a renewal period very soon-- but still a few days might make a big difference in your decision.
    For those facing a very quick renewal, and using your line as a secondary or backup line, perhaps the holding plan can suffice with a little inconvenience to give you a little more time to reach the best decision/path.

    It seems to me there's something tying this particular group of plans together that isn't immediately obvious-- but my guess is that it's plan sponsorship. 
    There are 3 general groups of plans here:
    1)  Truly free.  Probably always envisioned as a subsidized plan, and it's my belief that it's possible the Truly Free plans were envisioned as "starter" plans, not "forever" plans. (Personally, I like the concept and possibilities that Truly Free has provided as a long-term option)

    2)  The Future and Leonardo plans-- the largest group of plans included here.  These were the first big batch of sponsored "research" plans.  We knew they were sponsored plans, and there were questions asked at the time about whether the fact that they were 'sponsored' put them at risk of the plans going away if the sponsorship went away.  I'm pretty sure Karl's answer at the time was that this was a risk, but RingPlus hoped to minimize that risk and hoped to continue them indefinitely.   These plans are roughly a year to 14 months old, so they didn't manage "indefinitely", but they managed longer than a lot of members expected they would at the time..  There was talk at the time from members who switched away from the Future and Leo plans to move from a 'sponsored research' plan to an RP-funded plan (still $0/month), specifically to minimize the risk of a plan with outside sponsorship going away.-- and I believe I remember Karl agreeing that this was a fair option to minimize the risk, and that the internal RP-funded plans would be more secure.
        Interestingly, not all Future and Leonardo plans are included in this notice-- so again, it's some particular subset.
        Michelangelo probably belongs in this group-- actually predated them slightly, and I don't remember it specifically being denoted as a research plan.

    3)  The miscellaneous group of later plans-- Seashore, MidSummer's Night Dream, and Commitment.  These were spread over a couple of months, and although all reasonably high-allotment plans, there are definitely higher allotment plans that are not on the list.  So there's something tying them together that isn't visible to us.

    It seems obvious to me that this group isn't targeting "high allotment" plans-- except for the last 3, these are far from what we consider 'high-allotment' now-- and most of them would be considered "modest allotment" now.
    It seems obvious to me that this group isn't targeting "high top-up" plans-- except for the last 3, these would be among the lowest likely existing top-ups around.  (I switched from one of the Leo plans a couple of months ago, and had almost all of my original top-up remaining, after a swap or 2-- I think around $7.)
    They're certainly not tied together by date. .

    [DISCLAIMER: the thoughts expressed in this post are solely my own as an individual member, and as such are not official.  They do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of RingPlus, or the Volunteer Member team as a whole, and are offered without any information not available to every member.]

  • Porting out... [Mod edit]

    Everyone, take a deep, calming, breath.
     My understanding is that the porting process is largely automated, largely handled by the receiving carrier, and requires nothing more than account verification by RingPlus.
    It's also my understanding that the RP Support department mostly does not work weekends-- and that even if they did, any one of the (minimum of) 3 other entities that might need to be involved also may not 'work' on weekends.
      The basic story-- don't freak out.  It's common for ports to not complete on a weekend, especially the further down the 'food chain' (from the Big 4 motherships) you go on either end of the port request.  It's a good idea for anyone moving to another carrier to look carefully at their predicted ported completion times, because some might be far slower than you would expect.

    Several posts in this thread have been deleted: 
    A couple of things are guaranteed:
    Accusations and bad language will not be permitted here, period.  Find a way to phrase your thoughts politely, or expect them to go away.

    Advocating the harassment of RingPlus employees will not be permitted here, period.  (And you should be ashamed of yourself for suggesting it.)  The RingPlus folks are trying to make the best they can of a bad situation, and it's likely that their bad situation is worse than yours.  I believe that RP will do everything they can to assist members who need to leave.

  • [MOD EDIT] - 8-month Member+ Continues Charging After 8 Months

    @ihateu3 ; Please do not file a chargeback at this point-- the probable side-effects will not be beneficial to your line.

    Instead...  please post your ticket # here, and I will ask Support to take a look for you.

    Where you on the 8-payment lifetime M+ plan?  (somewhere around $20/month for 8 monthly payments).  If so, have you paid more than 8 monthly charges?
    Or are you on a short-term renewing M+ plan?  (3 month, 6 month, etc.)

    If you want to encourage a helpful response to your ticket, I might also suggest that an agent might enjoy more working on your ticket if it does not contain wording similar to your post above.  I might imagine the agent would assist, anyway-- but that there's no particular advantage to making him/her feel offended while doing so.
  • Thanks R+ for now offering to transfer top up balances after people already ported out

    The original email received form RingPlus indicated they were working on possibilities, as well as warning members that time might be very limited.  I'm not sure what else could have been done.
      Please have some respect for a team that's doing the best they can to help members, in a situation that's more difficult for them that it is for us.

    For developing information, please keep your eye on the pinned topic at the top of the Community page. 
  • RingPlus Forum

    I think there have been some very interesting news posts from both Classifieds and Jerry_GC in the last couple of days.

    I think that RP always hoped this forum would become more of a 'social' destination.   It obviously was that for a lot of frequent participants. 
      I still see value in having a place to come chat about the cellular industry, too.   I have a feeling lots of those who migrated will be looking to migrate again in 30-90 days, and will be looking for feedback.
      I suspect that lots of people moving to plans with much smaller data allotments will finally be interested in learning to conserve data, or to live with throttled 2G-- a topic I encouraged multiple times for throttled data plans here, but had little success in getting people to learn/ experiment.

    Come on in.
    Put your feet up.
    Grab a cup of virtual coffee. 
    Chat a spell.
  • FluidCall International

    Semi-official information here:
    It sounds like a rate change might be in the works for FluidCall  minutes, with some additional minutes available during specific times.
    It also sounds like a method is also being contemplated to allow those with previously expired RingPlus lines to sign back up for FluidCall.  (Cool for those who cancelled RP lines just before the return of FluidCall!)

    Sorry I don't have any details-- but that would just spoil the fun of figuring it out, wouldn't it?
  • Official Tello Mobile thread

    this forum here on R+ is the only one that is regularly monitored by Tello personnel.
    And on behalf of all the RingPlus members, I'd like to thank you for that!  It's been great having  you & your team here, and being so willing to provide help and info.  I know it's gone a long ways towards making folks here feel comfortable with Tello!

  • TPO June 2017 Promo - official post

    The last official word we heard is that the TPO offer would be available as long as that link functioned, but that it could be removed at any time.
    I think I've seen a few people mention successfully signing up within the last 30 days from that link. 
  • Seasons Greetings

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

    I remember my first experiences on the RingPlus forum-- Discourse, before this version of the forum.
    Members were very gracious in providing information before I signed up with RingPlus, and in helping me through the process of getting started with my older, and problematic, phone.
    From that experience, I learned exactly one tidbit of helpful information. 
    I  prowled the forum, looking for even less experienced folks that I could help with that one tiny tidbit (and found a few).

    One couldn't help but learn a lot from reading this forum--an amazing collection of helpful, and knowledgeable people, and an expert for nearly every situation..