• Flash Promo idea: How about a Flash Promo to "thanks" CHELLE ?

    Flash Promo idea:  How about a Flash Promo to "thanks" CHELLE ?

    I have MAD respect for akula and I think he deserved to have a flash promo named after him. Thanks AKULA.
       I think these flash promos named after great contributors to our community is great idea to continue. Maybe a daily or weekly thing.  There are a good deal of special contributors to honor.

    This brings me to an idea to Honor CHELLE.  Not only is she a great MOD. She is a great person.  She goes out of her way to help you.  She has great Patience and gives up a great deal of time to be here. It seems she is on 24/7 she is on here so much.  She never turns down a plea for help and has a great attitude toward members here and the community as a whole.  She knows how to explain things without talking down to anyone.  She spent a good time during the holiday to be here.  

    I can see no greater honor, then to name a great Free PROMO that is worthy of her contribution here.  I would also like to recommend a time that the East Coasters can get in on it.

    Since Chelle is about helping ALL members.  How about her flash Promo open to ALL current members and New activations.

    Can I get a "Second That Motion"!

    Diedrich_DuoLoup6ultimate-lavendar-houndstooth-gladiator-54876EnteClassical_MusicFrozen.wellConic_EllipseCrimson_TideVoIPFanRPzanthrax54and 8 others.
  • Flash Promo idea: How about a Flash Promo to "thanks" CHELLE ?

    Too many people to mention so we might as well start somewhere. 

    That was my thought process and Chelle is just a very nice person/mod

    Plus Ladies first

  • RingPlus Files Suit Against Sprint

    I am not going to overreact.   I will give it till next week.  If the judge is going to put in a stay. It will be soon as in next week. For two reasons

    1) stop the bleeding to r+ from people jumping ship

    2) protect the real victims.  Us.  We were never put on notice.  And no it does not count that a member found a filing

  • Nth Circle Forum

    Just plain mean lol
  • ERROR! V30 (Sprint Voicemail)

    If you're currently in a Sprint area, please try disabling WiFi, and making the attempt using cellular data.

    ok will try  give me 5 min or so

  • Excuse Me, Is the AkulaBot Working???

    Removing is not a proper test imho

    Does anyone think removing is a proper test?   Remember we are talking about being proper.
  • My RingPlus Nightmare!

    I hope one day r+ charges $7 per 10 min of support. Then we will see people complain about that.