• Can we just stop all the whining, moaning and complaining please! Free monthly free service here!

    So 18 months or so ago I stumbled across this company called ringplus.  I was paying maybe $100-200 a year on my old prepaid service and having to track usage very closely not to spend too much.  I was happy with the VIP pepper plan I managed to snag (and actually still have it on an old phone!).  250minutes, 280mb data and 500 texts for free!  It cost me a $3 top up and I still have $2.97 left.  Ringplus radio was nice and latency was not an issue for me.  I grew fond of the classic radio instead of a boring ringing sound.  Then over the next 12 month better plans kept on springing up all the way up to 6gb 6000 minutes and 6000 texts for free and beyond.  Unbelievable!   

    Then along came mad plans and they launched free mad plans for the first time recently on native sprint.  New customers could sign up for a 1gb 1000 minute and 1000 text plan a couple of days ago and current customers can sign up for one with half of that right now.  All for free.  That would cost $20 elsewhere!   

    I know some people use a lot more.  The current Mad Jubilee gives unlimted talk and text with 2gb LTE data for $19.99.  I can't find another provider that even comes close.  GoogleFi would be $40,T-mobile starts at $40 but with an extra 1GB (so $10 more expensive like for like), sprint will be $45 a month etc.  If you use more then ringplus is probably not right for you.

    True some of the surfing plans seemed a bit misrepresented but at the end of the day can we really expect a free plan to provide 5gb of decent data as well as 5000 minutes of native sprint calling and texts?  

    I think we are all getting a bit greedy and complaining far too much.  I hope it settles down a bit and complaints are limited to just real service issues.  RIngplus needs to concentrate on fixing those issues.    

    Thank you ringplus for being the best value provider out there!

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  • REWARD if found

    He forgot to switch to a mad plan - is suspended - and is waiting for his support ticket to be answered. Smart as he is he checked the forums and saw he could just sign up for a new plan.  Oh no there are no plans!  Now no one can reach him and he is stuck in the Norwegian desert?! (no wonder no one can find him - anyone know where this is?) Oh well.  Maybe @Classifieds will launch some old plans as a flash promo in the middle of the night to get him back up and running.

  • I vow to make the Final Ringplus Phone Call.

    I just downloaded 17gb all for free  another 8gb on my other account. Hope Ting likes a large data surprise.

    Using the free internet while it lasts....

    Some people.  

  • Ring+ Shutting Down... Any reimbursements?

    @PRH14 Just because someone says no refunds doesn't mean they can break the terms of the service themselves or not fulfil what the sale was for in the first place.  Do the terms not state that ringplus provides telecommuncation services on the sprint network.  Now they won't be at the end of the week. If I pay for cell service and you don't provide it then I am entitled to seek redress for that - no refunds is irrelevant.You my be bankrupt and i receive nothing but that doesn't seem to be the case here.  Ringplus must have resources to fight this legal battle.  They can't just take the customer's money to do that in my opinion. 

    No refunds simply means that a consumer cannot change their mind and ask for their money back. Vastly different from this situation.  Here we are more like creditors of the company with our unused top ups and monthly bills paid but with only partial service provided for that etc.
  • Mini wiki - MNVO's Pros/Cons

    I'll bite.  Note that I am interested in the sub $20 plans so this will relate to that. 

    #1= Twigby has verizon roaming and automatic bumping up through tiers as you use it or you can have overage protection. Unlimited 2g.  Unlimited texts with all plans.  Generous free month and referral program.  But the minimum plan cost is $12 if you want any data so not for low users.  Doesn't show a detailed breakdown of use on the website - just the monthly total.  Great customer service and online chat. App is basic.  

    #1= Mint sim is cheap for unlimited everything with 128k 2g after the 2gb LTE.   $199 for 12 months or less with coupons that come up from time to time.  But you have to prepay. Tmob only.  Very little detail about use is recorded other than your 4g balance remaining.  Customer service is decent.  Tmobile wifi calling.  Port in is only with a new sim activation.  

    #1= Tello can mix payasyougo and plans for ultimate flexibility.  Unlimited 64k 2g with data plans.  Payasyougo is dirt cheap 3c calls/2c data/1c text and balance last for 6 months with just one use.  Customer service is good.  App for outgoing calls.  No roaming but tethering is included.  

    #2= Cellnuvo - free activation with a referral.  Totally free service for swiping and watching ads.  But probably for low use users only say under 500/500/500.  Texting is cheap.  Can get roaming (double the credit cost) and tethering is free.  The CEO is active over at the nthcircle forums and is very open to ideas and getting issues fixed.  Like ringplus in the earlier glory days.  Lots of updates incoming and it is an exciting company to be part of!  Swiping for ads can get tedious but not too bad.  Website is basic right now but they are working on lots of features and one or two have been launched in the weeks I have been with them - so progress is being made.  

    #2= TPO has a decent $10 plan + tax.  500 mins 500texts and 250mb.  No unlimited data.  I ordered a free sim from them a month ago but they were backed up and I still don't have it.  10% of your bill goes to chartity.  Tmob or sprint. Not sure about customer service.

    #3 Boom mobile.  Verizon for as low as $20 for a decent plan.  Taxes included.  Good customer service - active on howard forums.   They had an outage I think a couple of weeks ago but it was temporary.  Interesting one but at the top of my budget.  

    #4 Freedompop - free monthly but watch out for the auto-charges and phantom charges.   Either global sim with tmob/ATT HSDA, ATT LTE sim or sprint so plenty to choose from.  Good store for phones with plenty of phone deals around.   Freedomfriends are easy to get and gives you 700mb-1gb in total of free data.  VOIP only though which stinks and makes it a secondary device only for me.  

    #10000 Main issue with Ting is the $6 line charge.  As well as generally expensive plans.  Best thing is supposedly good customer service (I rate others higher like Twigby) and the starting credit they give you is generous (but you will use it up fast).  You also don't need to pick a higher plan as they will bump you up automatically between tiers as you use more.  Worst of the pack for me.  

  • CellNUVO discussion

    They are working on the iphone app right now. Should be here in the next couple of months I reckon.

    I've used the app on another phone too and the cellnuvo phone still works.  I've switched back and forth several times.Thanks Chelle!
  • Important Info

    Yes it was valid ... 40 pages ago.

    Maybe it is time to put the same old story to bed. 
  • Calling requirement for Mad plan.

    For free plans yes
    You do not have to but can
  • Finally killed my Nexus 5 so switching to RP full time....HTC 10? other ideas w/ GREAT camera $500

    For example several posts back someone confirmed the moto z play was not for sprint.  

    At this stage you have no idea what you want and are using the forum as a springboard for ideas.  Come back when you know what you want and want some proper ringplus related assistance.  There have been many good suggestions you are ignoring. 

    1. Buy a carrier unlocked nexus 6P or pixel or moto G4 Plus.  From googlefi, b&h photo, bestbuy, amazon, motorola or from ebay.

    2. Go to ebay and get a sprint LG G5, Samsung S7/s7 edge or HTC 10.  Check with the seller that the phone will pass the ringplus BYOD checker or ask for the MEID to check yourself.  Make sure it says Congratulations you can activate this right now. Someone even posted a LG G5 they are selling that they confirm will work on ringplus.  

    These are the only phones with the best cameras in order:
    1. Samsung S7 or Pixel or LG G5
    2. Nexus 6P or HTC 10
    4. Moto G4 Plus 

    The moto G4 plus will be the cheapest new from a retailer at about $250 and is the best bang for your buck.  You can get the LG G5 pretty cheap these days used or new off ebay and the Samsung S7, HTC 10 and Nexus 6P are not that far behind.  Of course as you have seen pixels can go for $500+ and the best place to buy a used one is probably swappa.  

    For battery life the Samsung S7 is the best but then the LG G5 has a removable battery.
    The Nexus 6p and moto g4 plus have decent battery life and the HTC 10 is pretty good too.  Pixel is okay.