• 1 year ago (11 months) - where I came from

    I was scrolling through pictures and found a screenshot of RP Samara from 1 year ago (11 months ago). At the time, I had 325minutes 70SMS and 10MB free plan. Things have changed for the MUCH MUCH BETTER over just under a year! Also, my balance has gone from 36.90 to 34.69 so I have "spent" $2.21 on phone service in the last 11 months! (I assume MMS charges).  Allowances have gone up over 10X original amounts so if things trend the same, we will be seeing plans with 50,000 of everything next year! (I'm sure that won't happen, but still...)

    Looking forward to what the future has for us here at R+!

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  • HUNGRYGHOST Applause

    I've gotten so much more out of the app than what I paid for... 3 licenses. 

    With google surveys, it's a no brainer to get that app (when R+ was going strong)
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  • Nothing for loyalty???????

    Maybe you are loyal,   but I'm not!!!!

    I currently LOVE ringplus but I'm not loyal at all.  I recommend ringplus, but again,  not loyal. I would leave in a second if I found a better deal. 
    I'm here because I'm frugal and this service is much better than the price associated with it. Not just financially, but economically. Most months it costs under $0.50 for my few MMS texts. Some months 100% free! MMS people are given my Google voice number. 

    What do you get for being a long term user?
    Months of savings and or better service than where you (everyone) came from. 

    For me in 2013, I was with page plus paying $12 each month and came here to save that with a plan that was similar. 300 or so minutes,  70 texts and 10 mb of data. I have been able to move up a few times to the VIP pepper,  then again to future offering 1000 of each. 

    At minimum,  I've saved $12 for 2.5 years and now have a much better plan than I had with pageplus.

    If I have to pay $35 to get the next best plan,  I've saved so much already that I feel like I'd be "playing with the houses money". 

    If you've been here a few months,  then wait for a better deal (generic to everyone reading here) before you pay to upgrade.  Only upgrade if you expect overages and the new plan will prevent overages. 

    My habits have been to use well under 1000 of each. 

    More detailed upgrades for me:
    R+ History:
    12-10-13 to 9-10-15 Plan 325 X 70X10
    8-19-15 added free tethering 
    9-10-15 to 10-10-15 Plan 300X500X300
    10-10-15 to 12-13-15 Plan 1,000 X1,000 X1,000
    12-13-15 to..... Plan 1,500 X 1,500 X 1,500

    So you can see,  if you (or anyone) was around for a long time,  many opportunities to upgrade for free occurred. 
  • RP Samara - App for keeping track of usage (Android only)

    Link to app... highly recommend it!

    The download is free and most functions are free.
    You can upgrade for life and it is only $1.99.


    To pay for the above app or any other app in the Google Play Store, download the Google survey app and they pay you to answer their questions. Not much, but maybe a few $'s a month.



    This is a 3rd party app created by @hungryghost ;;;;;;;;

    Not officially endorsed by R+

    App has been around since 2014

  • My plan changed from .... plan to truly free plan but i didn't choose this?

    If you want community / mod help, post a shot of your account. If not, open a support ticket.

    How to get to call history:
    login to your dashboard
    Click on your phone number on the right that shows your account balance
    Billing History
    Invoice - find the one that shows the prior month usage
    Click on the number that is on the minutes line
    If the above number is 0 - go back to the prior month to see if it has been 60 days with 0 calls
    use snipping tool (windows) to capture the date / time / inbound or outbound (NOT THE PHONE NUMBER)

    we will ping R+ FAST on this to get it resolved!!! (You will still need to open a support ticket) but by posting here "proof" that you are right, we will get R+ on it FAST for you. 
    Please post the "proof" with the support ticket.


  • Nakamura 1 & 2 and Loaner Phone

    Congratulations to the winners!
    Most expensive @pocketjacks
    Least expensive @bluetooth-coral-cracked-spider-wolf-994622

    Ringplus will notify you officially, and request a shipping address from you both.
  • Roaming charge

    Texting while roaming is free
  • My plan changed from .... plan to truly free plan but i didn't choose this?

    @rw please provide your ticket number so we can pass it to R+
  • Waiting for promised bonuses... Ticket # 38095

    I received a bonus a year ago for pressing 5 (they said they will never do that again) but it took a LONG time for them to do it. But, they finally did.

    Why does R+ offer deals and almost always lag on giving those bonuses? I do not know. I will not speculate even.

    I will say that history shows they are SLOW but will get to it eventually. I am sure that the poring issue has slowed it down even more this go round. This is not to contradict my "not speculate" above because that was in reference to in general. I am pointing out that with this fact, it should be expected to be even slower this time.

    No date will be given, and if it is given, expect 2 weeks after that to be safe. (from history) and again, from history, you WILL get the bonus.