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  • Request for placeholder ESN

    PM Sent
  • THANK YOU RINGPLUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for all and best of luck! It was fun while it lasted!
  • Additional legal terms

    Just having opened three lines about (each with their +$40 in top up fees and taxes) as well as just having upgraded two lines with the most recent promo offerings, I am now left concerned about these changes being that I was about to make these lines my primary lines after my current service ended. I guess I should have just started with one (shame on me), but the deal was too good to pass with the recent product offerings. Now I am afraid I cannot use anything close to the allotments that I signed up for (not that I would even use as much in any allotment). I was even looking to port those numbers into RingPlus.

    I do find hope in the fact that many have stated that RingPlus has done the right thing in the past. Still, now I am finding it hard to refer others and reconsidering my recommendation for them to try the service. Mistakes happen and it seems this was one such situation where a mistake was done in implementing a rule intended to target abusing parties. I just hope that the $179+ I invested in those lines that were intended to become the primary drivers will not be lost and turn out to be a bad investment.

    I certainly look forward to an official statement from the RingPlus team and perhaps an updated TOS document that makes more sense.
  • What would you do if Karl and Ringplus were to...

    Come back! It was fun and would give it a go!
  • CellNUVO discussion

    I would go with sending a message to CellNuvo support and include the details indicated by akaLTD.

    @akaLTD said:
    Though probably most important info they need is all your details:
    ph # should be: xxx-xxx-xxxxPh # showing in phone settings: xxx-xxx-xxxx
    Cell Nuvo acct #: xxxxxxx
    ICC ID:
    I also included the MIN showed within the phone settings. Check your Junk folder when expecting a response, as I had one of their responses sent there even though we had been corresponding prior to that. Good luck! 
  • Phone no longer listed, however service is still active with RingPlus

    Hi all,
    I forgot to follow up to advise that on the 14th, I received an email from Tello advising the device was ready for Tello. All is up and running since that day using the Tello service. I hope your issues were resolved!