Happy RingPlus customer! :-)


  • Important Info

    Thank You RingPlus 
    Karl , startledmarmot, and the RingPlus team.
    I am still astounded that you have been able to provide me with free phone service for so many months.
    Value far beyond the amount of top ups and the cost of member +.
    I am still in awe of what you have been able to accomplish.
    I'm sure that you are doing your best for everyone, under the present circumstances.
    Whatever the outcome, I am grateful for what I have already received.
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  • Additional legal terms

    From startledmarmot:

    Woah everyone. The level of vitriol in this thread is pretty intense.

    There's no grand conspiracy here, the company is not going out of business, everything is literally exactly the same as it was last week. These new rules were put into place primarily so that RingPlus can, at its discretion, remove users that are fraudulently abusing the system.

    As you can easily imagine, being a free telecom service, we're besieged with such activity. It takes quite a few resources and time to find them and some have thrown our ToS back in our face, claiming that what they were doing "isn't technically against the letter of the ToS."

    Naturally, we can't exactly say "Stop doing X, Y, Z" because then they would know how to avoid our internal flags and triggers.

    However, from the sound of it, these rules are having a more deleterious effect than anticipated. With that in mind, we'll look to updating them to better suit the community! Give us a bit to listen to your concerns and we'll happily find a common ground.

    To be honest, I'm always somewhat surprised by the tone of "doom and gloom" some folks assume when discussing changes at RingPlus. Keep in mind that we're a true startup, which is exceptionally rare in the telco world. I do understand that this makes some people nervous - particularly those who want us to be & act exactly the same as other MVNO and MNOs. I can pretty confidently say that will never be the case: we're charting a different path, one paved with free service that is saving some families thousands of dollars a year. If being part of the ride is too uncomfortable (and I completely understand!), then there are many other options to consider. We hope you'll stick with us!

    If anyone is interested in talking in person, both Karl, myself, and Jerry are frequently at different RingPlus Clubhouses. Come stop by and we'd be happy to talk about any aspect of the company.

    I am quite confused as to why members of howardforums would be provided with a statement.

    While members of the RingPlus forum are still awaiting the same courtesy. :'(
  • Quick and painless port out to Tello US

    My first port request is # 999XX pending, so it is quite frustrating to see 
    #1081XX complete! :)
    Not fair Not fair Not fair!!! :)
  • RingPlus Files Suit Against Sprint

    He's just reading the document which was linked to in the other thread.  Nothing new here.

    He does provide a valuable service! :)
    Not everyone desires to read. :)

  • Important Info

    Just because someone looks at a situation differently than you (or anyone else) doesn't mean that person is "sucking up."

    We value what has already been provided.
    And accept that change is sometimes inevitable.
    There are options available.
    I know, I've appreciated every month of service.
    Worth much more than the top ups and cost of member +.
    Thank You
    RingPlus <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 o:)      
  • THANK YOU RINGPLUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you karl and everyone at ringplus i remember i got my first plan when i was 15 I was so happy on the joy plan 200 text 200 min and 200 mb 
    i am grateful for everyday i had ringplus and will be grateful till feb 11 
    for many people ringplus was a hobby for me this was my main line and only line this is why im so grateful because it was all i could afford and you guys made it possible for me to have a phone to get my first job and move up from there. I would say RIP ringplus but i wanna see you guys come back maybe on t mobile lol

    Beautiful! :)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Best of luck.

  • It is all over. Ringplus dismisses lawsuit.

    And so, as to all the current changes……”I keep my eyes on the road and my hands upon the wheel”

    Keep your eyes on the forum and your hands upon the board!  :)
  • RingPlus Forum

    I am not too surprised that things have become very quiet.

    I was just surprised that it appeared so abrupt.

  • Trying to port in from FreedomPop for Mad Interim plan - "Please contact support"

    R+ answered my ticket, asked a couple basic questions, and fixed the error. I've now signed up for the Mad Avatar plan on a placeholder, and have begun the porting process for my main phone.

    Congrats! :-)
  • Mad Snow Lounge

    Perhaps a solution lies in the utilization of the Mods -

    I find this statement so offensive.
    I don't believe that was your intent. :)
    It sounds as though the Moderators are a commodity that may be utilized as you see fit.
    The Moderators are volunteers that generously provide their time.
    I appreciate all they do.
    And in order to provide assistance on this forum they are often subjected to unjust abuse.
    Yet they continue to provide support and good humor.
    I'm sorry.
    After all they do and continue to do.
    I find it offensive,
    that someone would suggest how they should best utilize the time and assistance they generously provide.