RIP, RingPlus. Loved all the money we saved and truly miss our free-spirited community.


  • Important Info

    I'm with @oldbooks1 on this.  R+ notified and provided an interim until you either choose another plan or leave.  Get ready for a whole slew of changes with massive deregulation on the horizon.

    Agreed. The TOS is very clear that R+ can change pretty much anything they want to, at anytime.  

    So really it's about how this affects people's opinion of you after volunteering an enormous amount of time helping them.

    I respectfully disagree.  @Promoze  has been a great resource for many on these forums.  I know we are all getting upset (to varying degrees) over what has happened, but it would be wise for all of us to keep in mind that we really are all on the same team and hoping that things work out for the best.

  • Ideas to improve R+

    All I was saying was I should not even have to go read the forums or announcements when I change plans. It should tell me right there what it is.

    I understand your point of view, and in a perfect world it would be so.  But I would respectfully point out that pretty much everything that RingPlus does (signups for plans, promos, swaps, new line activations, etc.) requires a certain "DIY" mentality and a lot of due diligence in order to be successful.  This "NOT A DIYer" has had my phone service here since mid-May, and out of necessity I have learned more about activations, account servicing issues, swapping, and more, than in my entire "cell phone lifetime" prior to starting here.  In my case, doing that due diligence really paid off when I was able to find an update on page 15 (or thereabouts) of a thread that allowed me to luck out and get my Surfing 5.40 Free Plan with no upgrade fee (that info never showed up on the OP page 1).  Had I not spent tons of time reading all the threads I would have missed that opportunity.

    Perhaps RingPlus is truly one of those examples of "you get out of it what you put into it", effort-wise.  RingPlus may not be for everyone, but I am willing to put in the time, and hey, I'm sure learning a lot while enjoying my (formerly free, now low-cost) service!

  • The Great Migration - R+ to Ting Day Zero: February 21

    I am not worried about the migration but now am starting to wonder if I should be worried about not being worried and also am wondering if I should be worried about whether I ought to be worried.
    At times like these, perhaps we should emulate the attitude of none other than the "face" of MAD Magazine, Alfred E. Neuman, and repeat his most famous quote: "What, me worry?" :smile: 

  • Elevator plan...does anyone else have it?

    @bkoopman (and All),
    Please pardon this brief digression.  I truly don't mean any disrespect to you, or to diminish the importance of this thread, but I can't resist this opportunity to share a little "punny" elevator humor... so here goes...

    --This plan had its ups and downs.
    --The door is closing on this plan.
    --This plan really pushed some people's buttons.
    --Some people feel like they've gotten the shaft because the plan has been discontinued, but if they complain too much they may be found to be out of order, in which case the VMs might have to escalate the situation.

    Happy holidays to all! :smile: