• sour-black-pinstriped-crane-106879
    Hi Richie,

    I'm hoping that you can help to forward my simple issue for resolution. I have an outstanding ticket that is over 3 weeks that hasn't been worked by anything in Support (ticket 60278)

    On early December, I was charged $2.99 to do a phone number swap. Per RingPlus FAQ, I was supposed to be assigned the area code (717) that matches my billing credit card zip code of 17067.

    However the new number assigned was NOT the (717) area code of my zip code of Myerstown PA 17067. It looks like I was assigned a number with (864) area code based on a zip code of SC 29614.

    I am looking for either support to assign a new number that is of zip code PA 17067. 

    If that is not possible, I was looking to get billing to issue  a credit of the $2.99 back to my account. That way, I can initiate a port in of a (717) area code number.

    Either way, RingPlus stills makes either $2.99 that I had already paid or even more with the current $10 of port in fee that I will pay to port in a correct area code number. Thanks for helping to escalate.

    December 2016
  • apate13
    Hi, I enrolled into ageless plan why i see 3G instead of LTE?
    April 2016