Hi Everyone. I am Karl Seelig the founder and CEO from RingPlus. My passion is all around new disruptive business models. My team and I am driven to make RingPlus the premium free cell service. In my free time I like to interact with our community listen to feed back and create new exiting products.



  • grandpas-aqua-cracked-chandelier-7444
    Hi Karl,

    I am still waiting for my i{hone give away prizes. I was in contact with PSantos. He said that he is waiting for new shipment to arrive and he will then ship me my prize iPhone 6+ and Samsung Galaxy S6.

    Please let me know when can I get those devices? Whom should be I contacting? I am not receiving any response from PSantos.

    Please help. 
    September 3
  • grass-fed-emerald-polka-dotted-wolf-spider-595232
    Hi Ringplus,

    Do you know when the outstanding support tickets will be resolved? There was an error on my account and I lost my old cell phone number 10 days ago. I'm afraid I will lose the phone permanently when I migrate to Ting. I really appreciate what you're doing to make it easy for existing customers to move on but I need someone to be responsive to support tickets that are already in the pipeline. Please help ASAP, thanks!

    Need to get old phone number back: #74770

    February 8
  • zanthrax54
    Sorry for measaging you regarding this, but I don't know who else to turn to. I han issue with one of my lines being suspended and only hours after that, the line expired. I had just signed up for the mad snow plan, only had it two days and was charged for data overages.  Ticket #65914 and here is the link to the thread I started regarding this issue for full details...https://social.ringplus.net/discussion/10334/mad-snow-has-overages/p1

    Any help regarding this unfortunate situation would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much and have a nice day.
    January 3
  • bjohnso4
    Hey Karl, hate to bother you, but I've had an outstanding issue for over 100 days. Multiple tickets have been opened with no resolution in sight. The most recent ticket is 56549. I sold one of my phones on the classifieds for $210 and still haven't received a check. The ticket has the classified order number, as well as my correct shipping address. Can you please send me my check. 

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas.
    December 2016
  • Aaliyah
    Hi i renewed my service and still have it suspended. Can you please help? Its been days. Tried support ticket and everything else. Ticket #


    December 2016
  • sour-black-pinstriped-crane-106879
    Hi Karl,

    I'm hoping that you can have someone on your team to help out with a simple issue. I have an outstanding ticket that is over 3 weeks that hasn't been worked by anything in Support (ticket 60278)

    On early December, I was charged $2.99 to do a phone number swap. Per RingPlus FAQ, I was supposed to be assigned the area code (717) that matches my billing credit card zip code of 17067.

    However the new number assigned was NOT the (717) area code of my zip code of Myerstown PA 17067. It looks like I was assigned a number with (864) area code based on a zip code of SC 29614.

    I am looking for either support to assign a new number that is of zip code PA 17067. 

    If that is not possible, I was looking to get billing to issue  a credit of the $2.99 back to my account. That way, I can initiate a port in of a (717) area code number.

    Either way, RingPlus stills makes either $2.99 that I had already paid or even more with the current $10 of port in fee that I will pay to port in a correct area code number. Thanks for helping to escalate.

    December 2016
  • arvind_swami
    I already have a top-up balance of 19.96.  If I downgrade to Free Mad Building Block Plan, will an additional 19.99 of top-up be charged or will the existing top-up be used until it hits $5?
    December 2016
  • pl2k
    Can you response question on tethering for Mad Banana Muffin plan?
    December 2016
  • Houdini
    I would like to transfer to Ring+ but i get the message 

    " There was a problem activating your account.

    Your Device is currently in use with another carrier on the Sprint Network. We will be able to automatically move you over soon, please contact support for more details."

    Do I need to deactivate the account? There is no phone support and I can't make a ticket.  I attempted last night and aging a short time ago. 

    December 2016
    • Houdini
      It's an unlocked moto G3
  • Morelos123
    Hello Karl

    Ticket: 61023

    My account has been suspended since 12/2/16 and it was due to the whole changing of plans issue. I was supposed to be put on a 7 day hold plan but my account was automatically suspended. I am a Youtube and was trying out your services order to review what you have to offer. I used your services as my main driver and it was amazing until the 12/2/16 day came. I really need my phone service running because I haven't been able to create content for my 10,000 + subscribers due to the fact that a verification code is sent to my phone number to gain access to all my google accounts. I hope you can please take the time to read this because I am losing my viewers on my channel. Thank You So Much 
    December 2016
  • DingRing

    Can we get an alternative free plan with higher data allotment in light of tethering included, for people who do not use tethering?


    November 2016
  • Tomastro646
    Hello Karl......I am glad that I found a way to send you a message. I have been with RingPlus for about 9 months now. I have myself, my wife, a daughter, and two grandchildren on the service. I wish to express my gratitude for all the value you have brought to the community with the plans, ideas, values, and the forums for social interactions. I know this has been a difficult couple of months for you, the moderators, the executives, and also us the members. You have given us hope for the future with this last round of new plans. I want to thank you for this. 
    I would also like to make a 'donation' of sorts for you and the company to use as you see fit. I obtained quite a few Sprint sim cards.. the 506c model. I did attempt to sell some, but did not get much interest. In the spirit of the upcoming Christmas season, please use these as you see fit, to either sell for additional revenue (not much but every bit helps), or to pass along to anyone that can use them. Just let me know how to get them to you.

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to the RingPlus family !!!

    Best regards....... Thomas Ames
    November 2016
  • MaxXue
    Hi Karl- I need help with getting a port messup issue resolved. My ticket number is #56293 

    It has been 3 weeks now that my ported number has been stuck in RingPlus/ Sprint backend systems. 

    RP technical support replied to my ticket 2 weeks ago confirming this and promised a resolution but nothing has happened yet.

    Worse still, since RP technical support reached out, I can no longer make any incoming or outgoing calls.

    Appreciate your help to escalate to RP techincal support again.
    November 2016
  • free-range-golden-wavy-ant-325541
    Good morning Karl,

    You may be too busy and I may be too impatient but when I opened SupTkt #53908 seven days ago I wrote the following:

    "PER Link https://my.ringplus.net/port_requests/48167#tps-3 the PRL & Profile instructions were followed and Green "ACTIVATION" clicked. Phone's settings show update matching the RingPlus "PROFILE" for this device on link https://my.ringplus.net/devices/211922. Phone restarted and the auto update completed but the 3G/4G LTE symbols adjacent to signal strength bars only appear for 20 to 30 seconds at startup but then disappear. Cannot make or receive calls."

    I received some help from the Forum's  KentE who ping'd support on Mon & I then received emails and exchanges on the SupTkt #53908 page but service has deteriorated further as I've posted multiple status reports on the SupTkt  page.

    An hour ago I ended my latest post saying:

    Most disturbing is not getting feedback, update, heads-up or instructions from Support.

    If you could help resolve this I would greatly appreciate it.

    Jules Levine

    November 2016
  • nuance98
    Hi Karl, 

    I am looking to get a Ring Plus number only for voice minutes (talk time). Always wanted to use/own a flip phone and planning to use RP on that feature phone device. My talk minutes requirement per month is very low - less than 180 minutes may be. Which $0 plan I should go with? I don't mind just sharing my CC info in case of overages etc. Frankly looking for a Truly Free Plan for my flip phone device - is it workable?

    October 2016
  • Google
    Hi, Karl,

    Ticket # 43822, more than a month and still waiting for the resolution. Thanks.

    September 2016
  • scylla1008
    Support ticket 46593, 20+ days waiting. Will get member+ if issue solved, Ported in the number ending 6073 stuck at releasing to ringplus, previous carrier told me port out is failed and ask me to port in again, so I go ahead start a new port in on another ringplus line. However, both port in successful at end. I have same phone number ending 6073 showing on my ringplus account, but one of the number still activated and work as old number. So I change one of the 6073 number( get a new number)Now my 6073 number complete stop working. My only line that showing 6073 number now is activated and has old phone number 6580 on it, instead of 6073 number. And esn number, Iccid number is also incorrect( I swap device several time on that line)... now both swap phone number and swap device not working on 6073 line 
    September 2016
  • scylla1008
    Support ticket 46593, 20+ days waiting. Please help! Btw, ringplus best carrier in the world 
    September 2016
  • spectacular-crimson-satin-flag
    @Karl @tweaver @Classifieds @startledmarmot ;;;22 days has transpired since the 200+ folks that signed up for the Double Bring it over  2 promotion and none of us have been been credited our 1GB social bonus. Several of us had submitted tickets a few weeks back but still no resolution as can be evidenced on the thread https://social.ringplus.net/discussion/6953/double-or-cut-1-double-bring-it-over-2#Form_Comment

    Appreciate your help in looking into this. Some of us are very big RingPlus fans from Day 1 so please don't forget about the social bonus fulfillment of this promotion in the midst of all the club openings

    Speaking about being a fanboy, I had started a SlickDeals thread just in June that had 56,000 views and 1,500 thumbs up- http://slickdeals.net/f/8966015-ringplus-mobile-phone-service-8000-minutes-texts-mb-lte-data-40-top-up-120-member-req-d-7-27-8pm-11pm-pst-flash-promo-free-existing-m-upgrades-7-28?src=SiteSearchV2_SearchBarV2Algo1
    August 2016
    • spectacular-crimson-satin-flag
      Finally got my 1gb social bonus thanks to sothan and Richie! Thanks to you Karl and the RP team for the promos and continual engagement. Glad I referred 6 folks to ringplus and will continue to be a RP ambassador
  • EngineerOhio
    Voice has been down for 2 hours. Can do redirect us to Sprint direct?
    August 2016
  • zyd-1504
    Hi Karl,

    I have upgrade to the Club Sandwich plan by testing a random promotion code. But once the commitment plan is available, I downgraded to it immediately.
    However today I just found out that all of my services are blocked and my plan is gone! As you stated in your post, my plan should be reversed and refunded. So I think at least my plan should stay at Anderson plan, not blocked or cancelled without any refund. Please do take a second to look at my case. 

    thank you so much.
    August 2016
  • CocoBaBa
    Hi Karl. I attended the Palo Alto clubhouse event today, and I must say that it was awesome! The 3hr round trip drive was definitely worth it! I met a lot of fellow R+ members and had a great time networking. However, I tried to upgrade to the Club Sandwich plan when I got home, but the upgrade link is no longer there. I would've done it at the venue, but was too busy mingling and had to rush home. I was under the impression that the codes would be valid for a while, but now hear conflicting reports on the forums. I hope I didn't miss the window because that would be a real big bummer. Am I out of luck? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Regardless, Ringplus is the best. Keep up the great work!
    August 2016
  • dogged-but-not-dogmatic
    Will there be a San Diego Clubhouse?

    August 2016
  • aakKk
    I think it will be a great idea to half off all PAID/MAD plan for 1 day as flash sale. I'm sure a lot of current and new user (including myself: possibly 3-4 lines) will convert to the monthly paid/Mad plan therefore generate a steady monthly revenue. I missed out on the half off fert plan and would love to be able to sign up my entire family and half off mad hater as well. Even though user will be paying half, it still be additional monthly revenue for ringplus.
    August 2016
  • sleek-olive-paisley-eggs-855312
    To RingPlus:  Could you make a page of all available phones that can be used on RingPlus now?  After the change a couple months back, I have no idea what phones will or wont work.  I have suggested RingPlus to family members & friends and they want to join but are also confused what phones they can buy in a store & register them with RingPlus.   A page of all phones that will work, like RingPlus Certified Phones, that folks can buy in stores should really help.    Then it is as easy as:  Step 1: Choose your model Phone.    Step 2: Select your plan.   Step 3: Activate.     

    Your service is beyond fantastic, but for those who either dont want to dig into every detail, either because of time or lack of technical knowhow, the service is too difficult to obtain.

    You could get MANY people into your service if you make a (1), (2), (3), step page for non-techies to obtain a phone & the service.   The hurdles & details needed to get into the service are unnecessarily too high now.

    Please consider this suggestion.   You can also make a link off the home page for the 1,2,3 steps.   call it EXPRESS SIGNUP.   real strip out the details & options.   Step 1: Show people phones they can buy with links sold either on RP or places like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc.      Step 2: Pick a Plan.      Give them less then 6 to choose from.      Have them sign up for a user id at this step, not step 1.  Leave step 1 open to all.      Step 3:  Activate phone.

    Just a suggestion from a customer & fan.

    You can get senior citizens & others with limited tech experience this way.

    After you set up the 1,2,3 page, you can also see if you can get the service in an article in the AARP magazine that the AARP sends out to millions.    A new huge customer base.

    Thanks for listening. 

    Love your service.

    Make it easy.     Express Setup.   Step 1,2,3.  DONE!
    July 2016
  • MisterGadget
    Hi Karl. You might want to check your bio and next to last word. I am sure you do not want to be creating "exiting" products for your company.  ;)
    July 2016
  • Mr_Clean
    Can you make it so people can become RingPlus resellers of your service. We setup the phones etc. for our clients and assign them a plan. 
    June 2016
  • J_Smith
    Karl,  I have a IIE and monitor.  Would have to verify it still works (has been in storage for many years).  Of course, shipping might be a killer but let me know if you want to discuss further.
    May 2016
  • Nerd_Uno
    Just a heads up that the new RingPlus Classified store is going to get messy fast, and I would hate to see RingPlus get a black eye from this. See this thread for details. One simple solution for phones that already have been sold in a misleading way would be for RingPlus to simply grandfather the buyers into Member+ without additional fees. Otherwise, RingPlus and the sellers are both going to get burned on chargebacks.
    May 2016
  • Jon_VV
    Hey Karl thanks for the service I'm exited about going from Truly Free  to Cheerful next the next cycle! Keep up the Great work and great new ideas!
    May 2016