Works great for my home VOiP service using Ooma.  I can listen to any voice mails, reviewed any calls made or received, change the voicemail settings, etc.  All without having to go to the Ooma member website to do those things.  Plus WiFi calls to any Ooma number are free.




  • emc2parekhemc2parekh Novice 0
    We are using OOMA for 7 years, excellent voice quality & service.
  • 5iveplay5iveplay Novice 0
    Also a long time (6 year) Ooma user.  Their premium ($10 a month) service is worthwhile.  Junk call blocking (Proprietary and NoMoRobo) does a great job and the service integrates Ooma with Google Voice.  Once Ooma is set up, it can be really hands-off.  My parents (in their 80s) had a hard time believing the $4.50 a month for basic Ooma (taxes/fees) gave more service than their AT&T landline at $38 a month.  They bought an Ooma and after a couple of months, realized that it's was the real deal.
  • dslr410dslr410 Novice 0
    Ooma was great while we had it, but the faxing was a hit or a miss.  The price can't be beat!
  • OOma may be better than a 'regular' landline , but Google Voice is the BEST!! since it's free.
  • kj22kj22 Novice 0
    Ooma is okay.   I've had it for about 6 months and it's reliable but honestly,  the quality isn't as good as I expected based on reviews.
    Previously had voip with Lingo for about 10 yrs.   and although there were some service issues from time to time,  the call quality was better for my connection.
    Variable could be your internet connection and integration with your modem.

  • Been using Ooma for over two years, now.  My first Ooma device went belly-up within the warranty period, so I was able to get a replacement for free.  The replacement process was fairly easy.  We were without phone for about 2 days while waiting for the replacement to arrive (didn't have to send back the bad one first, which is great for speeding things up).  Call quality is about as good as any other VOIP service I've used (VOIPo - Comcast - Optimum).  I pay about $4.25/mo in taxes and fees (required by law).  Other than that, I've had no issues with it.  Switched internet services and it didn't disrupt Ooma at all.
  • ikan00ikan00 Novice 1
    Ooma is awesome. I had it for about a year and so far so good for basic use.
  • Right now I use an Obihai Obi200 with google voice and the quality is only okay and it drops calls maybe 5-15% of the time. A real landline would be about $50 per month with decent features. I have reasonably fast cable internet service. Can I expect Ooma with google voice to do better in call quality and less dropped calls than Obihai with google voice? I can just use my Ringplus phone but the latency is high and even worse when I use it with google voice. The latency is my biggest concern. How well does the Ooma Android app work with call quality and latency? 
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