textPlus app review - Google Play Store

textPlus is a great application to have installed when you need to text somebody who you are not necessarily familiar with (i.e. for a Craigslist deal, etc), but you don't want them to have your real phone number.  Sending text messages via textPlus is free and you can also earn credits that count toward voice calls.  It is supported by ads which is somewhat annoying, but I think the value of sending a text without exposing your real phone number is well worth it.




  • inventtecinventtec Novice 0
    very good free text app with low cost int'l call.
  • inventtecinventtec Novice 0
    textfree google play or itunes app review:
    textfree app is very good to free text mms to any smart phone (even other party doesn't need to install textfree app).
  • rp_mod_edgardorp_mod_edgardo RingPlus 5
    I used to use this app and it's pretty good. I prefer to use Sideline, I believe it is way better. Check it out!
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