This place has fast service! Jackie was our waitress. Food is always good. I recommend starting off with a full order of nachos. Mozzarella Sticks are excellent as well.

I had a steak with rice and it was very tasty. Lots of deserts to choose from I like the Lava Cakes.

Its right next to the Mobil 1 gas station off of Kingery Highway. Give it a try.



  • Not a bad place for a quick meal at all times.  When you're hungry, you can't be picky.
  • drewpacdrewpac Novice 0
    What can I say... Late night at Danny's is where it's at!  Not the best if ur on a diet, but if ur hungry and it's late, best make ur way on over.   Make sure u get a milkshake! 
  • dslr410dslr410 Novice 0
    We got a new Denny's by us.  I love the good food and their birthday club.  You can't beat a free grand slam on your birthday!
  • Love the shakes.
  • PSantosPSantos RingPlus 3
    Overall not bad, and if you follow them on social media sites they often have 20% off entire check coupons.

    Be sure to look out for those.
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