The Truman Show

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This is my all-time favorite movie.  I have always been a hardcore Jim Carrey fan - love his comedy movies.  When The Truman Show came out I just went to the theater to watch it without knowing that it was actually a drama.  Well, turns out that I loved it even more than the comedies! 

Very heartwarming, very interesting plot, and an excellent performance by Carrey as well as the dude who plays the creator of the show.



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    Like this movie.
  • Great movie with a very satisfying ending.
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    An excellent and unpredictable script. One of the few times Jim Carrey isn't super silly. The story line is imaginative. A good movie has a strip of truth, such as The Truman Show has, i.e., it could really happen. Thanks for an enjoyable and clean movie.
  • tweavertweaver RingPlus 35
    Hi @Jomo ;
    I have to say that this was one of the movies that made me take Carrey seriously. He did a wonderful job portraying the pain of a man learning that he's basically a guinea pig. The whole story was a great piece of imagination! Kudos to the writers. 
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