Costco Food Court

I really love the vegetarian pizza that Costco sells! I heard that Costco is one of the nation's largest Pizza sellers.  
The prize is just right ~$10.




  • their chicken bake is awesome when hot, cheese and tasty.
  • ELeeELee Novice 0
    The Costco in downtown San Francisco has the basics.  Hot dogs, pizza, churros, smoothies, frozen yogurt, chicken bakes, etc.  Prices are like all other Costco's, which is cheap for what you get.  They're really busy though, so the food court gets messy very quickly.  Specialty stuff you may find at other Costco food courts include chili (Seatlle) and gelato (Novato).
  • Awesome food and cheap price.
  • Food is delicious and price is much cheaper than other fast food stores
  • MCHayashiMCHayashi All Star 59
    ITS GONNA GET REAL when Visa opens up here June 20th.. get ready...
  • Great food for family and individuals (ex: smoothies/pizza/churros)
  • DineshDinesh Novice 0
    Great Pizza as long as you eat fresh.
  • sa5drsa5dr Novice 0
    The chicken bake is awesome!
  • I'm a really big fan of costco food court. I can feed my whole family for under $10, and they eat a lot!
  • Sara10Sara10 Novice 0
    I love their pizza. They are large with low price to fill up my family's stomach.
  • TrackerTracker Novice 0
    Love their freshly made veggie Pizza
  • Wish they had some healthier (less fatty/salty) choices, but the food is a great value.  Love the pizza and chicken bake.  Can't wait to try the brisket sandwich.
  • GeehsegaGeehsega Novice 0
    love there pizza . pretty cheap and lots of cheese
  • SlnfwSlnfw Novice 0
    Their combo pizza is one of the best for the price.
  • iceeicee Novice 0
    The polish is the best
  • serenadeserenade Novice 0
    Cheap pizza...
  • dstudstu Novice 0
    I really like the food court, their hot dog is really good and cheap!
  • budsterbudster Novice 2
    Best food bargain anywhere for the $1.50 hot dog and soda. They've kept that price for years..
  • sunxh163sunxh163 Novice 0
    edited April 2016
    $9.99 for an 18 inch pizza, more than enough for the whole family
  • Always a good deal. If you have kids dont miss hot dogs and soda on the cheap. 
  • Best value in town.
  • calpinecalpine Novice 0
    best bang for the buck
  • thuhlethuhle Novice 0
    edited April 2016
    Costco's pizza is pretty good.
  • fly916fly916 Novice 0
    Best pizza for a good price... Taste even better the day after.  :#
  • drzzzdrzzz Novice 0
    only tried the pizza, but it was good
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