Recommended phone for calling only

Thoughts on a possible candy style or flip phone just for calling?  Do not want to have the ability to load apps/games.

References of where to buy also appreciated.


  • Do a search on Ebay for Sprint Phones and you will find a wide selection of mostly pre owned devices.    I Like the SANYO Rugged Flip phone, the PRO 700a.   Small, rugged.   I prefer a basic flip phone personally, as I don't do the data/apps thing either.   I have one, but don't use it as such.    Just be sure the ESN is clear (some sellers will even provide you with ESN so you can run it via the checker.   
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    OK, so does it complete activation? (dashboard then PRL update)  Some old phones you can activate on but cannot complete the whole process - example is my old VM Motorola Triumph.
  • Oh, one other thing I can tell you that SOME older flips require a different activation... the ##786#  might not work and you can just research it on google.  Ive never found a phone I could not program.
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    Which ones have you had success, I guess that's my original question.
  • The Sanyo was cake to activate...##786#    and enter the MSL.     VM phones can't be activated --they have special software. 
  • What is your plan for the phone?  Back up phone for family member type of thing?  
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    Cool. I hope those do not have FED flag. haha
  •, the sprint (not boost) branded phones, esp the rugged 700a are mostly from businesses..  they upgrade often, etc.   There are tons of them and you can get them for under 15 bucks.   I got lucky and found two new in box at a flea market for 2.50 each..  LOL.. yup, 5 bucks for two! (and no, sorry, none for sale, sorry)
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    Child phone to bring to school and use after school to call parents or receive call.  No apps, no games, no distraction.
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    Motorola phones usually have better talk quality in my opinion.
  • I was/am surprised at the sound quality on these little rugged phones.   And now that you say it is for a child, I doubly suggest the Sanyo 700a.  The child can drop it, etc and it will survive.   It is small and light enough for a back-pack.
  • hh.. I might have a phone that will fit the is a small slider phone. Samsung SPH-M350 phone.  It is this for a boy or girl?   The phone is a slider/touch screen. You can turn off data/MMS/SMS of course via the Dashboard.    It is in near-mint but for some surface scratches.   Would you be interested?  
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    Boy. Don't think he'll like that.  :)

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    I am also looking at GSM options for more flexibility of devices on my other thread about AT&T.  Mainly, nothing that can get any decent games on.
  • hhfpphone..   do a search on ebay for the Sanyo...700a...  very impressive and not 'play friendly' at all...feature phone at best (can't download anything)--  take a look at it.  As for GSM phones...   I've used, and still have and love, my Samsung SGH-a437....basic flip phone.   You can get ATT to unlock for free now, also.
  • what the different between 700 vs 700a?
  • Monkey--no idea.  The phone inside says PRO 700a   Not sure there is a difference, other than a sellers omission.
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    700 is the US version, 700-eh is the Canadian version.  OK, bad joke, sorry.
  • For T-Mobile Gsm ... Here is a new candy bar phone for 3.99.  Buy a few.  If he looses your not out very much! ;)

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    Oh wow, talk about clearance prices.
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    I have an old Sanyo Katana II on a Truly Free plan. It is my backup phone......when my teens get grounded therefore I keep their Android cell, this is the backup for after school activities. Even texting on it is painful and the internet does not work. But very useful to make phone calls and receive texts from mom!

    I used this katana cell on Sprint like 6-7 years ago....incredible.
  • Duraxt. Water proof. My last three i bought were 3 for $18
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    Wow, really?  Link please.
  • How about ZTE Speed? A good phone at $20. You can disable data if you worry about Internet overage or just do not allow network for kid.
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    How about ZTE Speed?
    Main thing is to not be able to load games.. any android device would be capable of having games loaded.
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