Tello has dropped prices, again

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If you weren’t expecting any more surprises from your favorite flexible carrier, you’re in for a treat! We’ve dropped the prices for most of our phone plans, again. That’s right, our plans have received yet another price update following the one in October

Just visit our plans page and you’ll find that all the plans that were previously above $17 are now up to $6 cheaper. For example, a plan with 500 minutes & 3GB 4G that would’ve previously cost you $34 per month, is now only $28 per month.

Here are a few more plan combinations to give you an idea of what the new prices look like:

  • Unlimited talk & text & 3GB was $35, now $29
  • Unlimited talk & text & 2GB was $29, now $25
  • Unlimited talk & text & 1GB was $22, now $19
  • 200 minutes, unlimited text & 3GB was $31, now $26
  • 100 minutes, unlimited text & 2GB was $24, now $21

Check out the rest of them at


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