MVNO Roaming

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What  MVNO's roam?
Do any mvno's offer roaming across the cdma gsm divide,if your phone has both gsm and cdma capabilities?

 I'm asking cause if you have a roadside emergency and need to contact 911,
and if you have a phone which has all four carriers,
which mvno offers roaming on all four carriers so that you CAN contact 911


  • KentEKentE Moderator 168
    If you need to contact 911, any cell phone will roam on any tower it can talk to, whether your plan allows roaming or not.
    The phone doesn't even need to have an active plan anywhere.

    I don't know if a 4-carrier phone changes the picture in any way-- for example, if you might have to have a CDMA SIM installed for it to reach out to CDMA towers.  Interesting question.....

    Past calling 911, roaming becomes really important if you're in underserved areas.  Or, carrying multiple backup phones.  A GSM phone with a FreedomPop LTE SIM (AT&T) is a handy backup phone if you're not currently using an AT&T carrier. 
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