I have a Felix 3.0 dual extruder printer that I assembled myself from the kit. One extruder is working fine; the other doesn't heat. For the one that is working, the measured resistance is very low, and the one that is not working is very high. Which seems to make sense. The question is, what do I do now?

Also, the display powers on but just gives me a blue screen. 

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.


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    Hello, @Shawnturner ,
    Sorry you have not had any response to your OP yet.  I would be happy to offer advice, but being as technologically challenged as I am, unfortunately I have no idea what you are talking about.  :/   Wish I could help!  Hopefully someone can assist, sooner than later.

    You might consider posting a similar thread on the Nth Circle forum (  https://www.nthcircle.com/forum  ).
    Most of the people who used to frequent this forum, many of them quite tech savvy, have moved over there since the demise of RingPlus back in February, so you might get more help there.  

    Good luck to you!
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