RESOLVED!!!!! HAPPY! KARL: Never gave me the GIFTCARD I won. Not Happy!

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Psantos Pmed me and sent the gift card.   Consider the matter Resolved.

Thank You Psantos. (sent a pm thanking him also)

:) :) :)

KARL:  Never gave me the GIFTCARD I won.  Not Happy!

The Facts:

June 10th: Classifieds (Karl) Ran a Give A Way .

Galaxy 6s Edge Give a Way

With a Give a Way of one Galaxy 6s Edge (pre owned grade a) to one random person posting here about the current TPO promo  If you include a link to another forum or social network about this promo you can also win a $50 gift card.
(Which I did)

June 11th: Classifieds (Karl) Announced a winner:
Thank you every one. @lexusl21 Congratulations you won. We will contact you for your shipping information.

June 13th:  I sent unanswered pms to Classifieds (Karl). Asking for my prize please

June 27:  With the help of mods here.  Psantos sent me a pm.  In part saying please wait we are sending back defective phones for exchange and we will get to you. On same day I asked for gift card $50

"Please allow us a few days to receive these devices back and we will ship the out as soon as possible. 

We apologize for the delay."

June 29th:   Psantos sent me a request for my information

"Please provide us your full name and current shipping address. 

The gift card could be sent to you electronically, via Google wallet if you have an account.

If so, please provide us the details for your account and we could send you your $50 prize.

Thank you. "

July 5th:  I told Psantos I did not have google wallet and could he use paypal

"Let me confirm with our billing department that we have a Pay Pal account. "

"Your device is being shipped out today via USPS."
"We will get back to you regarding your gift card prize. 

Thank you. "

Same day Psantos sent me this pm

"At the moment we do not have a Pay Pal account to transfer your prize money.

We can send you a paper check if you would like. "

July 5th:   Fearing I would not get the $50 gift card.   I called Google and spent 2 hours on the phone with a supervisor who found a back way to get google wallet without a debit card. Using a Credit card.
I sent Psantos my google wallet information

July 21st:   I sent a pm sto Psantos saying I received the phone from Beverly Hills address and no gift card.  I have not recieved a response from my July 5th pms

August 7th:  I sent Pms to Classifieds (Karl) and Tweaver.  Stating I never received the $50 gift card.  the NEVER replied

August 16th:  Still no reply I sent another PM.

October 26th:  I never received The $50 gift card


To say I am disappointed in Karl is an understatement.    I feel lied to and cheated out of a give away.   If Karl's reasons for having giveaway's. Were to create buzz and he planned NOT to pay off.  Why not make the prize $500, $5000 $50000?  He could of made the prizes anything because he was not going to make good on it anyway.
The next time I visit Los Angeles maybe I can go try to visit the office and ask for my gift card?

I did not ask Karl to make these giveaway's.  I did not ask to win.  I sure the hell expected him to make good on his promise and not run away like a thief in the night.

I am disappointed in Karls behavior.  I should not have to beg or jump through hoops. For Karl to do what he promised me.

Please make good on the $50 gift card you owe me.

Thank You,


  • 1birdman11birdman1 Moderator 49
    Hmm, I can't speak for all mods, but I haven't heard anything from Karl and team in a long time.

    There hasn't been much activity here since ring plus closed. 

    Sprint is offering free service now. 

    Best of luck to you though. Hope you get it!

    I'd not spend much time planning what to spend it on though. 

    I'd love to see R+ come out strong, but right now, it's not looking like it. 
  • KentEKentE Moderator 167
    @lexusl21 ;  I'm sorry to hear this!   Thanks for being patient for so long, and for your persistence in following up.
  • lexusl21lexusl21 Pro 14
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    Thanks guys.   The fact that Karl and crew just disappeared.  Does not give me hope.

    I just wanted to let people know the facts and that I am extremely disappointed in the way I was treated by Karl and his crew.

    This has NOTHING to do with the mods on this board.   You guys have been nothing but kind and gracious.
  • I never really understood why Karl and other employees even offered giveaways. I appreciate their attempt to revive themselves, but I am pretty sure most if not all people lost all that hope when we were forced to port out or go to ting...
  • mmfacemmmmfacemm All Star 48
    I imagine they were paid by providers like speedtalk and TPO to host the promos and generate buzz.  Part of that buzz generation was to offer some free phones and other goodies from the left over stock and returned loaner phones.  It worked.  I know I signed up to some of these plans.  It was a good idea.

    However it appears the deals have stopped, ringplus is also no longer interested in being here and have decided that any outstanding issues with prizes will be written off.  I suspect the staff have been let go and Karl himself isn't coming on here to sort it out.  So chances of getting anything is zero.  
  • KentEKentE Moderator 167
    @mmfacemm said:
    I suspect the staff have been let go
    This is the only part of your thoughts that I might disagree with, although it may be a matter of semantics. 
    I believe that Karl always had other business interests outside of RingPlus, and that after the demise of RingPlus, the plan was to shift employees to other concerns if they weren't needed at RingPlus.. 
       So maybe not "let go", but shifted elsewhere.
      For practical purposes, the result is similar.  There is likely little employee attention to RingPlus matters..

  • mmfacemmmmfacemm All Star 48
    Oh okay - thanks for that correction.  That would be good.  I mean we all lost cell service but you have to feel for those who had more invested like the employees.  
  • mmfacemmmmfacemm All Star 48
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    Glad to see one person has received their prize.  Hopefully @PSantos or whoever is involved can help @grandpas-aqua-cracked-chandelier-7444 out with the iphone 6+ and samsung S6 they are owed for their prize.
  • That person should make a thread and a pm to Psantos.

    I thought they sent out most phones?  Was this the guy who received locked phones?
  • Happy for you ! :)
  • hhfpphonehhfpphone Ethical Committee 221
    Ditto!  Great to hear, what must have been a difficult time for ringplus but they pulled through eventually, as always! :)
  • lexusl21lexusl21 Pro 14
    edited November 7
    thanks guys. happy it is over,but I just wished my original PM's were answered.  no need for a thread

    I wonder if company dissolution includes give a ways. lol
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