Is there any way to get my IMEI number released so I can get on Sprint?

I'm not 100% sure that Ringplus is the company, but when I went to move my phone over to Sprint just recently they said they couldn't activate it because it already showed as active on their network. I was only with Ringplus and Tello in the past, and I've already opened a ticket with Tello. Sadly, since there doesn't seem to be anything but the community here now, my options are slim of ever getting this changed, but I thought I'd ask.


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    If you had that phone active on Tello after RingPlus, the phone can't be "stuck" at Ringplus.  (But of course it is perfectly appropriate to ask for thoughts and/or suggestions here!)   The last-active carrier would be the only place where an MEID can get stuck.  (Tello seems to be pretty good about following up on tech requests.)

    But.... let's make sure we're talking about the same thing, and on the right page.
    Have you tested the MEID on the BYOD tester at Ting and Tello?    What does it say there?   (If both say it's ready for activation right away (on CDMA network for Ting), then the phone MEID has been released.

    Are you trying to activate on Sprint Postpaid? 
    Are you trying to activate on a specific promo plan?
    What phone do you have?  (and the original source for the phone:  for example, Apple Store, Factory unlocked, Boost packaging, etc.)

  • I also happen the same thing that is because the sprint system problems, now sprint system updates, you now go to the sprint system to check the phone should be able to use ;)
  • was tello after or before r+

    if before telo. check with telo

    if after check with ting
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