I can't continue with registration?

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I used to have sprint awhile ago but, lost my job and am looking for work atm so I had my phone turned off because I could not afford it then I found this place from another site because I need a cheap phone number or something like it that works decently for everything for my iphone 6 so I registered and hooked up my social accounts except facebook is not working for me to connect but, I did connect my twitter and linked in but, I cannot continue with the registration either to connect my device? Am I doing something wrong?

I would call the one phone number I found for support it looks like but, I don't have any active phone number so I can't..

Anyone have any ideas?


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    RingPlus no longer offers phone service. Its main offering currently is the Social forum. You might consider another provider such as Tello (low cost depending on usage), FreedomPop (free, depending on usage, $20 activation reduceable to nearly $0 with promo code), TPO (low cost, see promotion in this very forum), RedPocket, Twigby, etc.
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    If you want cheap service and since you have an iphone - you might be able to sign up for the virgin mobile $1 for a year of unlimited service. 

    You should also be able to get a free government  lifeline phone and service.  

    If that doesn't work then Redpocket do a plan with 100 mins/100texts/500 mb LTE a month for a one off payment of $60 for a full year of service via ebay

  • Cellnuvo is free for swipes for ads

    They are in transition.   They aligned with redpocket.  Looks like a little time and they will be back with access to all 4 carriers
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