Proper way for a cashier to scan out a newly purchased phone. Did my cashier fail?

I picked up four unlocked Moto G4 Plays from a Walmart yesterday.  It took the two Keystone Cop cashiers 40 minutes to get them rung up for me.  In the end, they only scanned the UPC codes, nothing else.  I was pretty sure that they should have scanned at least one more barcode from the box.

Do you think the cashiers effed-up?


  • DavidDavid Novice 3
    Well, I went a second Walmart and to a Bestbuy store and got the same answer.  Most of the unlocked phones only get the UPC codes scanned.  I can't hardly beleive this for two reasons. 1) One could steal these phones from the store and they would work fine, and 2) you could buy a new phone, then turn around and go back to the store with broken phone of the same model and have them replace it with a new phone.
  • KentEKentE Moderator 167
    I started to reply yesterday that scanning isn't necessary on an unlocked or full retail phone-- but then realized I don't remember why I think I might know that..........

    Do you have a reason to suspect you might have a problem?   Have you had a problem activating the phone somewhere?
    If you're just concerned that it might be a problem, perhaps it would be reassuring to test the ESN on some of the BYOD test pages. 
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