"One Plus" phones, play well?


Have many people had success with these non-CDMA phones on RingPlus?


  • KentEKentE Moderator 167
    Well...... no one, since there are no phones of any type 'on' RingPlus anymore.  :(

    I'm not familiar with the One Plus phones, but it's not possible to use a non-CDMA phone on a CDMA provider.  
    To use on a Sprint MVNO, the phone must be both CDMA, and white-listed by ESN for use on Sprint.

    Perhaps you're really asking if any users of the RP forum have experience with the phones on other carriers?
  • mmfacemmmmfacemm All Star 48
    R+ closed in Jan/Feb sometime.  Everyone has moved on though the social forum is still open.  Check out nthcircle.com for ideas for new providers to try.  Some ex ringplus people are using cellnuvo which is a free service provider that you earn cell credit by swiping for ads.  They jist upgraded systems and will work on all four networks once they finish getting everything up and running.  You can't sign up right now but that should be back soon.

    Oneplus phones only work on gsm.  So they would never have worked on ringplus anyway.

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