advise me: want paid service, will never use "social" sites

I bookmarked rp a great while ago.  Has its business model recently changed?  The faq don't seem to address this. Threads on tpo ting and other jargon.

I was going to add mom to my verizon account until I was warned I would lose UDP:  I have Grandfathered Actually-Unlimited Data. She uses a not-smart phone and rarely uses the phone.

I myself will only use android with root as adblock is essential to effect privacy (Stop #PrivacyRape).  Is root simply "not supported" meaning I can receive no customer service?

Please help me self educate to get up to speed (I also will not use google properties)

Thank you for your kind consideration


  • KentEKentE Moderator 167
    As of early this year, RingPlus no longer provides cell phone service.  The site remains available to discuss other carriers, and to promote special limited-availability plans offered by other carriers/providers from time to time.

    If you read through some of the MVNO threads here, I think you'll find some good choices for your mom.  If you want to provide a little more info (what carriers have good coverage in her location, if keeping the current phone/carrier is critical, etc.), I think folks would be glad to give you short-cut suggestions to minimize digging through the threads!
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