Tello offers $20 OFF Selected Phones

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Back to school, lookin’ cool

Starting early with preps for the first day of school is always a good idea, whether you are a college-bound student or a parent on a tight budget, and Tello’s got you covered either way.

A+ phone deals to get you all set for a new year

If you’re thinking of getting your kid his first phone, there is no better time than the beginning of a new school year and no better deal than this one: Buy an Alcatel Cinch for just $5! Purchase any phone plan that includes minutes from Tello & get the perfect phone for your children for only $5!

The phone meets all the needs you’d want in a first phone: very simple controls, big buttons made for playful & clumsy hands.

Don’t break the bank for a new smartphone, get $20 OFF these sharp gadgets

If you are a student in search of a new smartphone to fit your needs & budget, look no further!

We have an awesome selection of phones on SALE, so hurry up and choose your favorite, with a special $20 OFF discount when getting any Tello phone plan including minutes.

You don’t have to get another student loan to get a smartphone that has all the features you like and great value for money!


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