Ringplus to Ting conversions

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Looks like Ting hit their target for retention.  It was around 7500, right?


  • Wasn't from r+

    I do not know anyone who stayed with ting
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    @lexusl21 said:
    Wasn't from r+

    I do not know anyone who stayed with ting
    I do.   Of 12 or so lines I had significant input into managing at RingPlus, 4 are still at Ting.  That's likely to change in the future, since my method of making Ting work relies on "nesting" users with different needs, and that rolling $5 credit.......

    And of course there's the inertia factor......  for many folks, not having to jump through the hoops of selecting a new carrier and transferring service will probably keep them at Ting for longer periods.

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    Yes the inertia factor is one thing.  A lot of lazy people out there who don't want to save a few bucks vs additional effort.  

    Some people from ringplus probably don't trust the smaller MVNOs that offer better value.  Ting is one of the bigger ones and is more established than the likes of Tello, TPO etc.  
    I think that Ting also appeals to older people who like a little more hand holding but don't want to pay for a $80 plan.  

    It is probably a little too early to count all 9500 as customers.  They might be just using up their credits.  It has only been 5? months.  

    What I wonder is how many abandoned lines were part of the 100k R+ subscribers.  I know I had a few lines that I just dropped that I didn't need.    
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