Incredible New App Detects Diabetic Retinopathy

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RingPlus News Service Los Angeles CA August 9th, 2017:


An incredible medical innovation has been created by teen Kavya Kopparapu. The 16-year-old has created an app, and 3-D printed lens that can detect diabetic retinopathy, which is the leading cause to vision loss from those who suffer from diabetes. The typical process for such diagnosis takes over two hours, and requires a special camera.


Kavya, along with her team which consisted of her brother and high school classmate, trained an AI system with over 34,000 retinal scans from the National Institutes of Health’s database. While developing the app, Kavya spoke to a slew of ophthalmologists and neuroscientists to gather accuracy on the apps trial runs. The prototype of the new medical devices works by focusing the smartphones flash to illuminate the retina, once the photo of the eye is taken, the AI searches through its memory database to search for any abnormalities.


The need for this app and device came when one of Kavyas uncle who lives in a remote city in East India, was experience symptoms of diabetic retinopathy. There was a lack of diagnostic tools, which led Kavya to create this impressive new technology. She has since then partnered with the Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital in Mumbai and has been testing her app, Eyeagnosis. Experts say that the device is not only accurate but makes the process a much more inexpensive procedure. 

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