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  • After going through many mvno. We had finally found sweet spot on our needs. I know it's way more than what we used to pay with Ring Plus but we are paying way less than before to get best service possible without too many devices and sacrifices. 

    Our two daily driver ends up on Total Wireless for Verizon coverages. We had tried several other MVNOS but I just could not live with spotty coverages in our town and inside of buildings. Unlimited talk, text and 8gb of shared data is going to be ok if we are little careful on data.

    Lycamobile + Freedompop's AT&T LTE on a dual SIM Galaxy S7. This phone is my former daily driver before I parted with Cricket, now a perfect backup device. I decide to keep it for just in case we get cutoff after 8GB of shared data. We are in our first month of Total Wireless service so not much data had been used. But my wife went through 2.5gb in one day after she got a new phone, I am going to blame this on binge on. But I paid $11 for emergency service on T-Mo and AT&T. With minimum usage, this should last several years. 

    Freedompop's Kyocera Hydro Icon on Sprint Network that had been going strong for two and half plus years as backup. They charged me a penny the other day but I am going to let it slide since they gave me two plus year worth of service thus far. Its plugged into charger in the car and hidden between seats.
  • Even with an original Sprint phone, I was able to switch from Mint Sim to Sprint free year of service (actually 14 months).  Can't beat it whether you have small or large needs.
  • went with teltik, 20 dollars including tax for  unl/unl/ 2gb anything after3g
  • MDRingMDRing Novice 1
    It looks like CellNUVO site under construction, so not able to sign up. I find a TPO promotion, but folks are complaining a lot about them in R+ forum.

    What are the plans available for Sprint unlocked phones?

    Thanks for sharing.
  • KentEKentE Moderator 168
    All the TPO plans listed at https://store.tpo.com/promos/welcome are available for Sprint phones.  These are theoretically limited-time offerings, and may go away for new signups at any time. 

    TPO seems to struggle more than some other carriers with customer service.  If you don't have problems, it generally seems to work as well as other MVNOs.

    For another possibility, you might look at Tello.  Tello doesn't have any special going on at the moment, but pricing is very competitive, and customer service seems to be great.
    Red Pocket has a new plan in the same general range, if you're comfortable pre-paying for a 1 year plan.

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    I don't think many people are complaining about tpo here.  A few issues like absolutely any carrier or mvno.  The set of plans available are excellent.  I've been using them for 3 months with no complaints at all - the price even went down unexpectedly for me.  Some are getting faster than 64k speeds once their lte runs out which is a bonus.  

    Having said that they have had issues in the uk so some people think their stability is a bit iffy.  

    Kent suggested two good options - tello or annual plans for redpocket via ebay.  I would add twigby to the list.  Excellent service and it roams on verizon for free for talk and text.  Their web interface is easy to use and customer chat excellent. PM me for a referral code if you choose them!  
  • We have:

    1 line to red rocket via ebay deal. Worked well so far had 1 month going over 1GB with 3 days left to renewal.
    2 lines that are thought to be low data usage staying on TING but summer travel have not worked out well where bills (with $5)  went to $20/line/mon and one $28/line/mon. We will be looking move it elsewhere soon as Ting is indeed expensive for this former RP user. Likely Tello, red rocket or Twigby.
  • pals23pals23 Novice 3
    I went with Tello at first and now I'm with speed talk plan SPSP9 300 minutes of talk unlimited text 500mbs $9.99 for 30 days.
  • alsals Pro 11
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    Surprise, we are back with tracfone again.
    After 2 $20 800 minute one year plans, which, Surprise, included unlimited roaming, and  free replacement for our phones which did not have the verizon bands, We are going with one tracfone one year new phone for $50 and 1200 minutes , which gives us the  opportunity to roll over our unused minutes, and wait and see where we end up for the winter with which provider. anticipated cost averaged out for 2 years is $70 total and 2500 minutes.
  • KentEKentE Moderator 168
    Glad to hear that Tracfone worked out for you, @als !  It seems like a good fit for your needs.   Rollover is one of the things that makes Tracfone a more economical choice for some folks than it looks like at first glance!
  • We landed with FreedomPop, Tello, and CellNuvo. Thinking on going with Virgin with that iphone deal since I have one that is unlocked and can transfe a number to (Tempting). I seem to be fine with just FreedomPop LTE SIM) and Google Voice, so paying for taxes on that per month is keeping me put for now. 
  • How did I end up in the R+ time sink? I say that with a smile cause I clicked on a R+ bookmark by mistake and once you start reading you just can't stop. Always good info here. I tried Nth but not the same.

    That said, last  month I ported an old R+ number to Tello PAYGO for emergency use (thanks Irma) and today when I landed on that numbers dashboard I noticed WiFi FluidCall was still active. Is it? Guess I'm going to do some more R+ searching and maybe play around with it. It says there are 5 months left.

  • KentEKentE Moderator 168
    @johntour ; Good to see you pop in here!   I hope your kids had a soft landing somewhere, and would be interested in hearing. 

    I have to admit to never having used Fluidcall.   It was working for outbound calls for some time:  the last I heard was that it was not operating.   https://social.ringplus.net/discussion/comment/154322/#Comment_154322

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    I went to Ting, then TPO, and now about to leave Freedompop. 
     I depend on my phone and it's been hard to find a dependable and inexpensive alternative since losing ring plus.
  • KentEKentE Moderator 168
    @Amentius said:
    I went to Ting, then TPO, and now about to leave Freedompop. 
    What did you not like about TPO, and what plan did you have when there?  
    If you can fill us in a little what allotments you need, maybe someone can suggest a good fit.
    Tello and Twigby seem to offer good reliability and customer service.  Red Pocket offers fair pricing for low-to-medium allotments, and a selection of carriers.  MintSim has a large following for those who need higher data allotment, and are okay with T-Mobile service.

  • gamescangamescan All Star 55
    I missed the CellNuvo signup window, so haven't been able to try that. Do have a phone ready to go though if they ever open it back up.

    Have one line on a FreedomPop Global GSM (speed isn't the greatest, but it is the only free service that works across most of North America and Europe).

    Have another line on the Sprint free year, because the price can't be beat. Still, even being back on Sprint "proper" I am reminded why I decided to stop paying for Sprint service and just use Sprint via MVNOs. 

    Also have a GV number which I use across the lines, and a T-Mobile free data SIM (200 MB) as a backup.
  • jamielihjamielih Moderator 126
    @gamescan said:
    I missed the CellNuvo signup window, so haven't been able to try that. Do have a phone ready to go though if they ever open it back up.

    Good to see you still check in from time to time.

    Also probably good that you missed the "signup window". I don't think there was ever a sign-up window. Visit forums at nthcircle.com for the sordid history of CellNuvo in the last 2+ months, which I understand involved an MVNO provider to CellNuvo abruptly ending service. In my opinion, CellNuvo will have to open back up for new signups in order to really be viable. For now, many of us have service on the CellNuvo phones, but have lost our original numbers & have random temporary numbers assigned. Hopefully, our original numbers can be recovered.
  • MDRingMDRing Novice 1
    I signed up with TPO. Thanks for suggestions. I received a TEXT with image.

    It just keeps downloading but never finishes. I am using LG Tribute 4G LTE android phone. How do I fix it?

    Thanks for sharing.

  • KentEKentE Moderator 168
    If it's a text with image, it's actually an MMS.  
       You may be able to interrupt the process by turning off both data and WiFi.  Hopefully, that will cause the process to time out.
  • MDRingMDRing Novice 1
    I tried. turned off wifi & Data . I turned on Mobile internet. Still no luck. The image size 897kb. What are the correct steps for Android phone?

    Are there any thread on this subject?

    Thanks for sharing.
  • KentEKentE Moderator 168
    Is the phone stuck in a loop?  (continuing to try downloading, even if you do not ask it to.)

    If it's still looping...... you might try removing the battery.  (like a hard re-boot on a computer.)

    If the issue is that you want to download the image, and cannot-- are you on TPO-Sprint?  (or TPO-T-Mobile?)
    You might try a Profile update through the phone settings menu.
  • MDRingMDRing Novice 1
    Thanks for the pointer. I tried the steps. It did not work. Here is what TPO support suggested steps.

    Programming your Device


    Note: If your device is NEW, Handsfree activation will begin. If hands free activation fails, continue to the manual programming.

    Method 1 - Manual Programming

    1. Power on your Device
    2. Using your Dial Pad or from the home screen, tap Phone/Dialer.
    3. Enter ##391352# (Nexus Devices use *#*#391352#*#*)
    4. Select Edit Mode.
    5. Select Mobile Directory Number (MDN).
    6. Enter the 10-digit phone number RRRRRRRR.
    7. Select OK.
    8. Select MSID.
    9. Enter the 10-digit MSID FFFFFFF
    10. Your device restarts and programming is complete.

    For Android Devices (This method will not ERASE Information/DATA on Device)

    1. Power on your Device
    2. Turn OFF WIFI and 4G (if applicable)
    3. From the home screen, tap Phone/Dialer.
    4. Enter ## 72786 # (Nexus Devices use *#*#72786#*#*)
    5. If prompted enter the 6-digit MSL VVVVVVV select Enter/OK. (for HTC Devices, Press Menu, Select Reset, then press OK)
    6. If needed confirm Reset by selecting OK
    7. Your device will restart and Handsfree Activation will start
    8. Your device will programming automatically
    9. If Activation fails, use Manual Programming


    The above steps did not work.

    I tried

    Instead of "Boost Zone", my phone shows LG (nothing for TPO/Sprint specific)

    another step.

    Pull up your text app, display the message, display the picture, and try a long-press on it.

    You should get a dialog box "Message Options" with one choice being "Save attachment'
    if you click on that, the image will be copied from your SMS over to where your photos are normally stored, (like when you take pics with your camera). From there you it should be easy to copy to your PC or to the cloud.

    All the above did not work. When I did all the above, my wifi is off and data , mobile internet on.

    If you have TPO service, do you mind, posting the steps to turn on MMS with LG Tribute 4G LTE (CDMA).

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Inexpensive Temp porting service? Need to port a phone number out of a carrier then back In?

  • well with tpo tmobile for now.  I do not miss sprint at all

    hoping cellnuvo comes back
  • KentEKentE Moderator 168
    @american-golden-matte-muscles-698942 said:
    Inexpensive Temp porting service? Need to port a phone number out of a carrier then back In?
    It depends on how fast you need to accomplish the moves, and whether you need to port through a specific carrier.
    If it could all be done within the Sprint network, for example, it can be done via multiple routes cheaply and quickly, with a minimal number of steps.  

    I'm going to guess, however, that the intervening carrier may need to be other-than-Sprint??

    If so....
    T-Mobile and AT&T both offer prepaid plans that can be set up and activated immediately at a retail store.  (Including the required new SIM.)   Cost between $10-$20 if you go to a corporate store.   (Sometimes either may have a special with a reduced-cost SIM-- otherwise, the charge is about $10 for the SIM, and about $10 to fund the prepaid plan)   This is fast & painless, and likely to work without complications.   (You will have to follow up to acquire account # and pin # for the temporary account.)

    It's possible to do it cheaper if speed is not important, or you have some of the 'needed stuff' on hand.
    You can get a very cheap SIM from FreedomPop, with essentially $0 setup charges.  You'll have to wait for delivery, or possibly pay a higher cost for the SIM from Best Buy.  (Not all BB locations stock them.) Porting in a number will be slow.   Porting out may be fast, or slow.    I think TPO has a special offer on GSM SIMs, which would reduce the outlay.  But you have to order the SIM & wait for delivery, and porting in may be quite slow (porting out would likely be fast).  Some other MVNOs offer cheap SIMs that can be ordered or may be available at local stores, but may have higher costs for funding the temporary plan.  (H2O comes to mind, but Simple Mobile is another alternative.)

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