At&t offering VR lesson on using your phone while driving

RingPlus News Service Los Angeles July 31st, 2017:

At&t continues their It Can Wait campaign to convince more people to stop cell phone use while driving. At first the campaign tried to tackle only texting while driving, but now they have shifted to reduce cell phone use completely and promote not using your phone at all. With the immense popularity of social media, texts are now among the top 10 reasons of why drivers look at their phone. Calls and mostly social media applications taking up the rest of the top 10. According to the It Can Wait campaign, 95% of drivers disapprove of distracted driving but 71% still engage in cellphone activities while driving.

At their Southpoint store, At&t will be offering a Virtual Reality lesson on the dangers of using your phone while driving. Representatives will be at the Spotsylvania County store at 4pm to display the lesson. This stop is one of 300 stops nationwide that the It Can Wait campaign is doing this year. The lesson will offer a safe but realistic view of the dangers of using your phone, the video is almost 3 minutes long and offers realistic incidents of using your phone while driving. While watching you will see situations that you may have experienced as a pedestrian or as a driver. Remember to be careful out there, we all have somewhere to get to and we all want to get there safely.

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