Sprint looking to merge with Charter

RingPlus News Service Los Angeles July 31st, 2017:

News has been circling with Sprint reportedly looking for a merger with Charter. If the two would merge, it would be a huge deal. However reports from Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal say that Charter is not interested in a deal. Sprint and its parent company Softbank, are not ready to give up yet as they continue the pursuit of Charter Communications. A deal between the two could lead to similar offerings like At&t and Direct TV currently offer as well as being able to buy a packaged deal like Sprint service and Charter service at the same time.

Sprint has fallen behind in the competitive wireless market, moving down from its 3rd position to being 4th. In an effort to reclaim and surpass its past position, Sprint is trying to buy the rights to media and entertainment content since, like the other big telecom companies, they believe that content is key to building new business models. Using customer data for advertising is also a big takeaway from pursuing these types of mergers.

There is a couple of things keeping Charter from listening to merger talk from Sprint. Their network is not in its best shape and Charter and Comcast signed a pact where they both agreed on a pact which states that neither can pursue a merger with a wireless provider without the participation or go-ahead of the other. So even if Charter did decide on merging with Sprint, Comcast could come in and kill the deal. Sprint has been rumored to be interested in merging with a few companies, but nothing has come of it yet.

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