Can I use Ring Plus or Freedom POP with a Samsung Rugby 3 flip phone?

Hi, I have an older, brand new, ATT Samsung Rugby 3 phone. And I want to activate it for calling and basic texting using the cheapest way possible. Can I use this phone with any of the services such as Freedom Pop or Ring Plus, etc...? Thanks.

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    Ringplus are out of business.

    Freedompop requires a smartphone.  It runs off a data connection and uses voip.  It would be better to get a proper att cellular mvno ......

    1. H20 wireless  - buy the $10 credit every 90 day plan and set it to autopay.  Works out at $36 a year and calls are 5c/texts 5c.  

    2. truphone prepaid sim - incoming calls and texts are free and outgoing are 9c.   You just need to use it once every 180 days to keep it active.  No tops ups required every x months other than if you have a zero balance obviously.  Costs $30 for a sim kit and $15 credit but if you use very little it could last you for many years.  

    3. If you need more then Redpocket has a 500/ min/500 text plan for $10 a month or $99 a year on ebay.  


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