T-mobile's first 600Mhz sites will go live starting August

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RingPlus News Service Los Angeles July 26th, 2017:

Along with the announcement of their Q2 earnings, T-mobile reported that they will begin to roll out its first 600Mhz sites starting August. They did not report on where those sites will be, but a announcement should be made soon since August is only a few days away. T-mobile also stated that at least 10MHz of the 600MHz spectrum covering 1.2 million square miles will be cleared and ready for deployment this year. To be able to access their 600MHz network, you will need a device capable of accessing the airwaves. T-mobile stated that they would have 600MHz compatible phones by the end of Q4, they will be Samsung and LG phones. They did not release the model of the devices that will be released by these two manufacturers, but we can expect to know the models soon as we move forward into their projected release of their 600MHz network.

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