Verizon appears to be throttling video

RingPlus News Service Los Angeles July 26th, 2017:

Earlier this week there was news that Verizon wireless appeared to be throttling Netflix video traffic. Verizon then released a statement, saying that the issue stemmed from an optimization test that they were running. According to a Verizon spokesperson, “We've been doing network testing over the past few days to optimize the performance of video applications on our network. “The testing should be completed shortly. The customer video experience was not affected.” What customer reported t experience is completely different than what Verizon states happened. Customers report seeing a cap on their Netflix use, not optimization. Netflix’s speed test tool showed measurably lower rates than non-Netflix tests.

It was later discovered that the “optimization” did not only affect Netflix, but rather all video applications on the Verizon network. Verizon remained firm in their statement and stated that the accusation of throttling was “dead wrong.” It is important to know that Title II is still in force, even though the FCC is working on eliminating it. So Verizon is still obligated to treat all traffic equally.

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