Moto G5 Plus solution

GOOD NEWS for Moto G5 plus owners.

I've been running all the above mentioned circles trying to activate my Moto G5 plus on TPO  CDMA.

Found a simplest solution: order SIM kit 3 in 1  for that phone from TING.

Got it, installed it - phone is activated.

It will cost you $9.99 - but it works.


  • KentEKentE Moderator 168
    edited July 2017
    Could you share the Ting Part # with us?  (And also the SIM part # printed on the card? That one should likely start with SIMGLW or SIMOLW.  The Ting part # you order from the website may just be for Ting's own purpose.) 
    Ting offers a number of SIMs.
  • I have ordered it on their site - pick one specific for your phone model.

    It is imprinted with Ting logo - but it registered on TPO without any problems.

    I even had genuine SPRINT card , which wouldn't activate.

    Nobody had any answers, nor Sprint, nor TPO. 

    I was about to switch to GSM but decided to look around some more. 

    Digging around I checked Ting site  - and they had phone specific SIM.

    Maybe Ting has something on it of their own, but it is working with my TPO.

    Part # is  SIMOLW506TC       (CDMA Z1 SIM)

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