Wkitribune: wiki-powered journalism

RingPlus News Service Los Angeles July 19th, 2017:

Wikipedia founder is working on creating a new business model for quality journalism. In an effort to counteract the bulk of fake news, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has announced a for-profit, crowdfunded news website that offers stories by journalists and volunteers working together. The site is called Wikitribune and it will be free, the site will also be ad-free. It will be fully funded by readers who choose whether to donate to the site or not. At the moment Wikitribune is waiting for the right amount of donations to come in before they are able to hire around 10 journalists.

Past attempts at citizen journalism have had mixed effects, Wales hopes that a balance can be established between journalists and volunteers where they can work as equals. Another issue is how long can the site be sustained. In a time where news is expected to be free, the site will be ad-free and be dependent on donations. At the moment the site has 11,217 supporters. It has options for one time donations, no donations, and recurring donations. Being dependent on donations alone could mean fluctuation in how much money the site will have to work with. Users canceling their recurring donation or choosing not to donate at all will play a huge factor in the site being able to first kick off and then remain on. The site clearly has a backing since there are already thousands of supporters, but more are needed before the site is able to begin its ambitious start in delivering quality journalism.

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