Move Over Blue Apron, Amazon is Cooking Up Something New

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RingPlus News Service Los Angeles July 19th, 2017:


Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods for a massive $13.7 billion came as a surprise to many. It was expected that Amazon would soon try their luck in new markets and it seems that they are doing just that with the roll out of its new meal kit products. The company is offering its own line of prepared food items on its website and has seriously put at risk competitors, most notably Blue Apron who recently went public earlier this June. The company recently reported an 11% dip in their stock since the unveiling of the new Amazon products.


The meal kits have been available since late June, and the reviews all seem to be quite positive both in terms of their ingredient and flavor selection, as well as trying to minimize its environmental footprint by making most of its packaging recyclable. Amazon has tried to cover its large demographic by including vegetarian options to their selection, as well as pricing their items a few dollars below their competitors.


One of the attracting features to Amazons meal-kits is that unlike Blue Apron, and its other competitors, there is no monthly subscription needed. Simply go to the Amazon website, browse and pick the meal you would like and wait for its arrival. This is what customers have reported to enjoy the most out of the new items. It gives customers the convenience of having pre-measured meals in their refrigerator, as well as the freedom to try out food they possibly might have not been able to.



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