Medical training including Virtual reality programs

RingPlus News Service Los Angeles July 17, 2017:

Virtual Reality is now being used for medical training. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in conjunction with Oculus VR for Good program and the companies AiSolve and Bioflight, intend to use virtual reality training to train medical students and residents in the low frequency, high stakes situations that children’s ER doctors encounter. Situations which are expensive and logistically difficult to teach. Virtual reality helps solve major problems with medical training programs which are expense, accessibility, and a more realistic experience. Dr. Joshua Sherman of CHLA and USC Keck School of Medicine, who helped develop the training, believes that hands-on training is time consuming and expensive. Expensive equipment and having doctors and nurses role play in the situations can consume much time and money which is better suited for something more important.

VR can make for a realistic experience and most importantly, it is easily accessible as a trainee can do the training on their own time. It is still early though as the training does have major drawbacks like no voice control and the inability of having more than one person in the training at the same time. There is also only two training modules so the applications are limited. Still, the fact that the training is realistic, for example having a parent anxious about what you do to help their child, will help the trainees prepare for stressful situations in the real world. With additional funding, VR trainings can cover all situations possible which would help tremendously in the molding of the future doctors, nurses, etc.

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