Disrupting the Airwaves: 5G

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RingPlus News Service Los Angeles July 17th, 2017:


“10 times faster than 4G,” that’s what we’ve heard will be the experience of 5G. This opens the door for things such as automated cars as well as medical and educational advances. The possibilities sound endless with such speed that could facilitate entire movie downloads in just minutes. But one question should be asked is: Is the rest of the world ready for 5G? And just how will we adapt to 5G? Or How will it adapt to us?


At the moment we have devices and infrastructure that executes 4G data transmissions just fine. But with the arrival of 5G there will be a sleep of new wires, cells and antennas needed to connect everyone to 5G. This puts into question the integration abilities of our current technology. If a film trilogy is downloadable in minutes, and there are millions of users doing the same, just how will this affect the television and movie industry? Could the roll out of 5G technology be the final nail in the coffin to a floundering television industry?


As a consumer one can see how beneficial it would be to download a new movie in HD for $2.99 in 2 minutes with 5G and then simply projecting it on your TV at home. Compare that to searching for show times and going to a movie that would easily cost 3 times as much. That thought pattern extrapolated over many homes across the world would certainly have a disruptive effect across media markets.


4G has taught us to be impatient, children of instant moments. This has led to many new innovative ideas. Exciting apps the we can almost no longer think of going without. While the roll out of 5G is incredibly exciting, and new, it will most definitely have a visible impact upon the world.




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