Speed Limit on the Information Super Highway

PSantosPSantos RingPlus 3

RingPlus News Service Los Angeles July 17th, 2017:


In a world that moves at an exponential rate, our technology moves even faster. A new chapter in technology is about to begin and we are all anxiously waiting for its beginning. 5G (Fifth Generation) is the next step in seeing technology take the next step.


This new technology promises at least 10 times the speed as 4G, and would allow you to download 50GB game in 2 minutes, and even a 4k movie in 4 minutes. This if of course due to the wave frequency in which 5G will be active. A speed test conducted in 2014 found that it could transmit data at 255 terabits per second. These sorts of speeds could actually support all of the worlds cumulative internet traffic at once, during peak hours.


The results of the speed tests are outstanding, and it raises the question if our current data devices will be able to perform at such speeds. How will these new 5G devices operate? What type of new innovative ideas will be discovered during the growing pains of 5G? And just what will these devices look like?





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