New firewall being developed to protect Android phones

RingPlus News Service Los Angeles July 17, 2017:

There are many different security applications available to protect your cellphone from viruses. What some do not realize is that a security breach could occur from the hardware of your device. The field replaceable units of your device, like screen and speaker, have weak security settings which could be a doorway to the users personal information. During the life of a device, there will be a replacement of certain parts of the phone due to different reasons like a broken screen being one example. Since parts are replaced, that changes the device’s original security settings.  

Good news is that there is a solution currently in the works. The firewall program provides the missing layer of protection that your device needs to protect itself after a technical service to your device. This firewall is currently being designed for Android devices only. The firewall was developed at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev by a team led by Dr. Yossi Oren. Dr. Oren was the one who discovered the weakness with the internal communication between the hardware and the device’s central processing unit. The device can be tampered with when a malicious vendor adds a compromised part to your device which once installed, could give access to the information on the device. The team has discovered that some types of unit tampering can survive a factory reset and a software update. The issue was discovered after the team used learning algorithms to assess internal communications in Android devices for security risks and anomalies. Dr. Oren believes that his solution is likely to please manufacturer's since it will not require them to understand or modify any new code; the firewall can also be installed as a tiny chip or as an independent module running in the CPU. Dr. Oren plans to display his firewall at the Workshop on Offensive Technologies in Vancouver, Canada next month.

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