Amazon New Messaging App: Anytime

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RingPlus News Service Los Angeles July 17, 2017:


In the thick sea of messaging apps, many companies have gathered millions of users thru downloads via the Google Play store or Apple app store. Amazon is now hoping to get a piece of the action and has begun a new messaging app project that will hope to rival other apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. This new app is called Anytime.


It had become clear that Amazon was planning on releasing such an app soon when customers were being surveyed a series of questions that would lead to what features were most important. While this may only appear to be a preliminary step, some who participated in the survey say the questions hinted more at a finished product.


This app seems to be an all-in-one app, where it could potentially link up to your existing social media pages as well as provide similar services such as photo and video support much like Instagram or Snapchat, group chats, voice calls. The app would also allow you order products via Amazon as well as make reservations with in your local area. There is currently no release date on the app, but it is definitely one that is anticipated.



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