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Is anyone still working on releasing esn's?  I just tried to activate a phone that was last activated on Ringplus. I am trying to activate it on TPO and was told there was a problem with the esn. the imei is   99000335157xxxx    Thanks

[Mod Edit:  I have deleted the last 4 digits of your ESN to protect it from any harm-- we usually do not recommend posting identifiable information in a public forum.   If you would like to restore it, please do so or ask me to do so for you.  KentE]


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    All ESN have been released, by RingPlus. Is your phone currently active on any carrier? Is it a boost or virgin mobile phone? 
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    @liberal-peach-waved-machine-155700 ; Are you trying to activate on a TPO CDMA plan, or a GSM plan?
    What phone is this?

    Ting ID's your phone as a Spint Galaxy SIII, and ready to activate on CDMA (Sprint network),  & not compatible with GSM.
    Tello confirms ready to activate on CDMA
    TPO test indicates a different phone, for some reason-- a Note II L900, and says it's capable of being activated on either CDMA OR GSM. 
    Either the Ting, or the TPO  BYOD test is mid-identifying the phone model.  Even with that problem, it appears it should activate OK on TPO/CDMA. 

  • It is a Sprint SIII  it has not been activated since Ringplus ended service. It is cdma . I called TPO to swap phones from an old Samsung Victory that I have been using to that phone and the agent said that it was showing  trouble with esn . What company was helping Ringplus port out customers Ting or Tello? Maybe I can activate with them and that will fix the esn problem to go to another carrier later.

  • I did a test on TPO and it said "Great news your device is compatable" but then it says  "Looks like your phone is currently active. We can move your number ("port") to TPO and activate your phone in our simple activation process". 
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    Phones on RingPlus migrated to Ting:  If you did nothing to follow up with the migration, they would have eventually been released by Ting, along with your old RP phone #.
    If you continue to have problems, you should talk to Ting Customer Service to have them look at the phone status-- they've been good about helping, even if you're not a current customer.
    However, I'm not sure there's really any problem with the phone itself.

    The Ting and Tello sites seem to be ready to activate it immediately, which should not happen if the Sprint records show it's already active elsewhere.

    The TPO site seems to be giving you different results.  Not quite sure why that would be, since they should both be checking the same Sprint database. but they're misidentifying the phone as well as giving you different results.
    I would suggest trying the TPO test again, using both  the MEID HEX, and MEID DEC versions, and see if either correctly ID's your phone model.
  • I had TPO retest it and it worked out and they activated it in a couple minutes.   Thanks
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    @liberal-peach-waved-machine-155700 said:
    I had TPO retest it and it worked out and they activated it in a couple minutes.   Thanks

    so what was the issue? would help other people if they knew what you did.
  • I am not exactly sure, I called TPO and told the support guy about how it was coming up a different phone on their checker and he said let me run the number again and he came back and said that it was ready to activate.  I ran the checker on Swappa and it came back as this is most likely your phone and it listed the SIII and the note 2  so I don't think that it is that accurate. I suspect that maybe between me and the first support person that maybe we didn't get the meid right.
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    @liberal-peach-waved-machine-155700 said:
    I suspect that maybe between me and the first support person that maybe we didn't get the meid right.
    That is possible.  However, I can confirm that the same ESN did report out as a different phone on the TPO check tool, with considerably more certainty than you saw from the Swappa report.  (The same confusion with a Note II.)  I might guess that a closer look by the rep, with the knowledge that your phone is an S3, is what made the difference.

    I'm glad to hear it got straightened out!  Your persistence paid off.

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