Sprint launches new leasing options today

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RingPlus News Service Los Angeles July 14th, 2017:

Sprint released a new leasing option today. This new option allows customers to lease any phone and has the capability of being able to upgrade in a year. This may seem old to Iphone and Samsung Galaxy users since this has been available to those devices for some time now, but to other devices this option is new. At 12 months the user can turn in their device and upgrade, at 18 months the customer can return the device and upgrade or they can choose to keep the device and pay the remaining balance in one lump sum payment or in six monthly payments. This deal comes after Sprint’s current offering of a whole year of service for new switching customers, mostly switching customers from Verizon.

The new leasing capability hopes to satisfy users urge to have a new phone every year without having to go for the more expensive Iphone or Galaxy. Sprint hopes that their low price offerings can lead to more subscribers.

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