At&t rolls out its version of 5G wireless service in Indianapolis

RingPlus News Service Los Angeles July 13th, 2017:

Wireless carriers continue to work on being the first to reach 5G technology. Since 5G must be determined by global standard-setting panels, the race to have the technology that could end up being the definition of 5G is on. In another post we mentioned T-mobile’s efforts in working towards 5G by broadening their available spectrum when they purchased a chunk of spectrum from the FCC auction a few months back. At&t has now doubled the network speed at Indianapolis, calling it 5G evolution. It was announced back in February that Austin, Texas and Indianapolis would be test cities for 5G evolution with the roll out coming this month. This coincides with their February announcement that 5G evolution would be released “in the coming months.” Just like T-mobile, At&t is getting a mixed reaction of their 5G endeavor mainly because of the marketing of the service being “5G” when the technology has not been defined yet. At&t believes that 5G Evolution is a crucial step towards the creation/development of 5G.

At the moment, only certain devices will be able to work on the new network in Indianapolis and Austin. The only phone being the Galaxy S8, while other phones like an Iphone will only see slight improvement. Verizon spokesman Steve Van Dinter said that At&t isn’t even ahead of the pack in 5G since Verizon has already been testing 5G technology and not just in a couple of cities but in 12 cities total. The major US carriers are all working on developing their technology to submit it to a standard body in hopes that their technology can be ratified as the worldwide standard. It would be a huge advantage to the one who is able to get their tech to be recognized as the standard for 5G.

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