Verizon Leaks 14 Million Customer Files

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RingPlus News Service Los Angeles July 12th, 2017:

A recent Verizon partner, Nice System, has leaked millions of customer files that could potentially put their customers at risk. Security firm UpGuard, reported today that as many as 14 million files were accidentally placed on an unprotected Amazon S3 server. Each one of these records included the name of the customer, cellphone number and account PIN number. This would give thieves the necessary information to impersonate the customer if they were to call Verizon customer service.

The files were made available via a specific web address, which according to the report, was not hard to guess. This would lead you to a website where you would have free reign to download individual files containing the sensitive information. Verizon collects this data, then gives the data to Nice for customer verification.

A Verizon spokesperson has stated that there is “no indication” that the information has been compromised, but it is not clear if this is in fact true as there it is not clear whether any of the information was taken while it was available. It has taken Verizon and Nice systems over a week to secure all the leaked data.



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