Millions of Americans personal information exposed

RingPlus News Service Los Angeles June 20, 2017:

Around 200 million American’s personal information was released accidentally by a marketing firm contracted by the Republican National Committee. The over 1 terabyte of information included birthdays, addresses, telephone numbers, as well as political affiliation/views of nearly 62% of the entire US population. The information was made available through an Amazon cloud server; anyone with the link could access this information. The data was discovered by Chris Vickery, a cyber-risk analyst with security firm UpGuard. Given the amount of information that was collected, the info came from multiple sources. From committees that raised money for the Republican Party to posts on Reddit. This information was stored in spreadsheets uploaded to a server owned by Deep Root analytics who claim that this is not a result from a hack, but give no insight into how the information could have been released. Since the discovery of the released information, Deep Root analytics have placed measures to limit access to the information.

Political parties routinely gather information from voters, to this day there had never been a breach of this magnitude. The huge amount of data collected has put privacy experts on alert and filled them with concern. The breach exposes personal information, as well as information that people would not want out in the open. The potential to use this information in harmful forms, for example blackmail and identity theft, makes this problem larger than it already is.  

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