Sprint offers free year of unlimited service


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    I tried a few days ago when they opened it.  A freedompop number was eligible.  However the small print says it must be from a postpaid account.  It also specifically states no sprint mvnos as it has to be verizon/tmob/att.  

    A few days ago it was open for a few hours and then they pulled it.  Seems like it is back.  There are a ton of issues with the promo - nexus 5x not working, people can't activate when they get the sim, duplicate orders, customer service don't know about it, orders on hold etc.  I canceled in the end.  Not worth the hassle/uncertainty.  

    Plus taxes and surcharges would come to $15 or so anyway.  I think they charge the taxes/ fees as if it was full price and tack on admin fees and other stuff.  

  • My Verizon iPhone 6s plus that was on R+ before but now back on Verizon, and along with my Verizon post paid number, is not compatible. hmmm....
  • @mmfacemm said:
    Plus taxes and surcharges would come to $15 or so anyway.  I think they charge the taxes/ fees as if it was full price and tack on admin fees and other stuff.  

    I suspect this to be inaccurate information. We took advantage of the Sprint $90.00 for 5 Unlimited Everything promo in February of this year. The total bill of $112.50 for 5 lines includes $22.50 of additional charges and fees, or about $4.50 a line. Those fees are consistent with another account that we have with Sprint on the 6GB plan for several phones.

    Since some of the additional charges appear to be State, County and City taxes based on the billed amount my guess is the additional fees will be less than $3.00 a line. Even if it were

    $4.50 per line I consider this to be an incredible value.

    Sprint states this in the promo: A standard $1.99 admin fee, $0.40 regulatory fee and other taxes and fees

    Some of the Sprint Promos have hoops that need to be jumped through for the promo to be realized. Things such as using auto-pay and ports from certain carriers are often part of the reduced price. Some will see these requirements as unsurmountable, others will make it work to realize the stated value.

    We are looking into setting up another Sprint account to take advantage of this promo. Thank you to the person originally posting this promo in a different thread. Not even my Sprint corporate store contacts were aware.

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    @AShortBusDriver said:
    I suspect this to be inaccurate information. 

    Maybe.  Someone in another forum /thread mentioned that their sprint rep said $8-15 for everything.  If it is more like $5 then I agree that this is not a con.  I'm not paying $15 for a free line though.  
  •  @mmfacemm said:
     I'm not paying $15 for a free line though.

    While I agree, paying $15.00 monthly ( if it turns out to be that high) in administrative charges and taxes is not free, it is substantially less than others are charging for similar service. However, even if the total turned out to be closer to $15.00 rather than $3.50 - $4.50 a line, it is still an incredible value for those that can effectively use the offered service with the usual Sprint network weaknesses. Sprint's Unlimited Everything includes Verizon roaming, Sprint Global Roaming (https://www.sprint.com/en/shop/services/global-roaming.html) , 10GB of tethering data. We have one user that routinely uses more than 25GB of monthly data. They have yet to notice data deprioritizing. Then again, the phone is usually operated inside of Sprint's band 41 coverage.

    I find myself thinking "too good to be true" coming from a place of wonder. Is this an indication of how talks might be going with another carrier. The last few years we have all been witness to the advantages of several carriers competing for customer business. Is this the pinnacle of that competition?

    Hopefully, I will know more about the gotchas within the week as we plan on taking advantage of this promo right down to the 100-200 unit per month users. Just to good to pass up.

    I wonder if the referral program applies B)

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    This is indeed a great promo, but I'm at a loss, my unlocked iPhone 6s ( purchased from Apple at full retail price) is ineligible. I used that phone on T-Mobile,ringplus, ting, and red pocket....  it sure is a big mystery. I think I need to check on this phone, because it should not be locked to any network... I'm hmmmm like @akula1488
  • Comments in slickdeals link for this deal says we need to contact Sprint customer care to fix device not accepted issue. Haven't tried it yet.
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