Verizon's emergency preparedness demo

RingPlus News Service Los Angeles June 12, 2017:

Verizon and partners tested out some of its technology in a demo to show what their tech can do for first responders in real life situations. The demo is called Operation Convergent Response, and the companies all met together for the demo’s at the Guardian Center which is a place where one can test out the following real life situations. The scenarios included an F4 tornado with major casualties, a building collapse at a chemical factory, a subway terror attack, flooding of a residential neighborhood, and an active shooter/hostage situation. The scenarios were repeated several times as the participants were split and went through the demos.

The demos showed how surveillance cameras, for example, in a drone can identify a drowning victim during a flood. The drone would then communicate to another drone to bring a life vest to the victim. The cameras would analyze the situation and communicate with the proper tech on how to approach. An air balloon 100 feet in the sky was able to provide a 4g LTE network for voice and data services. Nokia, one of the participants in this event, provided backpacks that can provide 4G LTE service inside a building which has been damaged due to disaster. These technologies can increase the effectiveness of first responders, as well as keep them safe since the implementation of machines can reduce the possibility of first responders becoming casualties of a disaster.


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