New Speedtalk plans for Tmobile/Verizon/Sprint on their main website - not ringplus club promo plans

mmfacemmmmfacemm All Star 48
edited June 2017 in General Discussions
Pick either sprint tmobile or verizon for these.

These plans are on their main website so have no ringplus association.   Currently they are a better deal than the ringplus club plans.

Plan 2 - 100mins/100texts/100mb for $5 a month with $9.99 autotop up.  2c overages
Plan 3 - 250/250/250 for $9 a month with $9.99 autotop up. 2c overages
Plan 4 - 500/500/500 for $18 a month with $19.99 autotop up 2c overage.

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