T-mobile could benefit most from Iphone 8 release

RingPlus News Service Los Angeles June 8, 2017:

T-mobile has had a much better year so far than the other 3 wireless providers. Shares are up around 14% while the other carriers have continued to see a decrease. This is in part to T-mobile continuing to be the innovator in the wireless market while their competitors follow behind. This is why T-mobile could widen the gap even more later this year when the much anticipated Iphone 8 is released. Knowing T-mobile, there must already be a plan in progress to attract more subscribers when the Iphone is released. Especially since the upcoming Iphone is set to actually be different than the similar models that have been released in the past few years. It is Appleā€™s 10th anniversary so all 4 carriers will try to make some kind of promotion to boost their sales and get users to switch. Seeing how T-mobile has been in their A game this year, the competition will be even tougher to see who wins out in the Iphone 8 release.


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